Shard Update: 12/24/2014

Special thanks to Mauzen for this update, as he’s responsible for the proper functioning of almost 100% of everything awesome in it.

1. We disabled the annoying broadcast alerts that occurred when items were put up for bid or bid upon.
2. Bidding within five minutes of the auctions completion will add another five minutes of time.
3. Minimum bids are now 5% of an items current bid rounded to to 50.

1. At the script level, all bosses have been regulated to a unique sub-class of basecreature, boss.cs .
2. All bosses now share certain similar features such as being red.
3. Killing bosses will now allow you to reach exceptional levels of fame and karma and eventually achieve new reputation titles such as "Saintly"
4. The boss artifact drop rate has finally been adjusted properly. Bosses have a fair chance to drop artifacts straight to the pack of anyone who has earned looting rights. This rate is effected by the player’s -individual- luck. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. Not with parties, not with pets, zero exceptions. The drop right is slightly higher than the absolute highest level paragons. A paragon boss may drop two artifacts per person.

Mass Storage:
A number of new "mass storage" items have been made available to help with your organizational needs. These include but are not limited to:
Armory: Stores identified equipment. Allows sorting and searching by property.
Imbuer’s Box
Tailor’s Crate
Recipe’s Storage Book

Expanded Co-owner rights:
Co-owners of homes can now add and remove add-on deed items.

ResourceInfo.cs cleaned up.

All base resources have had stats and resistances modified in preparation of future changes.

Base metals (DC through Valorite) received significant buffs to allow them to fill usage niches for all levels of players.

Dragon Scale armors given a variety of unique properties. Silver scale is always mage armor. Gold scale provides +70 luck. Elemental scales provide unique "Eater" properties which offer a chance to convert that type of damage into health upon receiving damage.

All resources modified to give significant elemental damage modifiers to weapons. Added to tailoring in preparation for whips.

Huge bonuses to durability given to all resource types in preparation for further durability changes.
All items that spawn with, are enhanced with, or are crafted with these materials will receive their unique bonuses.

The method of acquiring runic crafting tools has been changed. 25 crafting coins will allow you to buy a deed for a random runic tool in the tool type of your choice. The tool you will receive will have (1) charge and will have one of eight possible levels at random.
The lowest level tool adds 2 properties from 25%-60% intensity. The highest level 5 properties at 50% – 100% intensity.

I will discuss this update more thoroughly and update the wiki accordingly at a slightly later date! (After I’ve slept.)

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