Shard Update: 11/30/2014

A series of changes and adjustments have been made to the Chivalry Skill!

Consecrate Weapon – Now functions by adding an additional amount of Direct Damage based on the user’s Chivalry Skill. This amount is 5% + 1% per every 5 skill. At skill levels above 90, it also adds 1% damage increase per 2 skill.

Noble Sacrifice:
No longer completely obliterates your Health/Stamina/Mana on successful use. Instead, it will remove a proportion (Currently 1/2) and restore that exact amount as health to all friendly targets nearby. It will also attempt to cure and resurrect them. On top of this, it will "disengage" attackers with a blinding flash of light, stunning them for 1 second. I believe I may further remove the stam/mana loss from this.

Holy Light:
Now heals friendly targets for half of the amount as it deals damage to enemy targets.

Cleansing Winds should function properly now, and has both audio and visual cues.

An adjustment has been made to Ki Strike to make it much cheaper to use but less effective at the highest bounds of the ability. This is another step in adjusting Ninjitsu to fit the theme of the server better. Eventually the spell system will have its name changed I believe. I highly recommend players test out this change, as it really makes Ki Strike a bread-and-butter ability if one uses a very active melee play style. It works particularly well with 2-range weapons.

Heavy Weapon Strength Based Swing Speed Bonus:
This is slightly experimental, but through my testing it is not broken by any means. What this change does is give weapons with a Strength Requirement of 50 or higher (Lower Requirements will affect this) a bonus to their swing speed based on the wielder’s strength. The current amount is 1% per 7.5 strength.

Powder of Fortification has been severely adjusted, pending for possible removal with other incoming changes to durability.

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