In your eyes, the secret lies,
dark tears almost falling.
What secret do you hold so close
that I cannot hide from your eyes.

Sensual form, perfect lips,
the hated geometry now controlling.
I see the detail, I see the beauty,
but cannot escape your haunting eyes.

The picture before me now
an abstract poem, ideal.
Like a god of grace, alluring,
yet you capture me easily, with those eyes…

The more I look the more I see
your beauty is unreal,
perfection’s touch on your still frame
gives power to your enticing eyes.

I relent, staring deeply, mind reeling,
have I ever seen you alive?
In some fantasy, or in my mind.
Such violence, in your unblinking eyes.

I look around desperately searching
circles around your soft hair,
hoping to find your secret meaning
but all I can see are your tear stained eyes.

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