Settling In

It has bin a few weeks since the warship Crimson Tide went down. Waking up on the damn beach was a great shock to say for starters.

This land I now find myself on is, almost untouched as I wandered many nights looking for anything. Each night running till just before dawn then quickly digging into the damp soil for the coming day.

Wile laying in the soil’s firm grip waiting for sleep, my mind raced with to many questions. Where am I, what of Ariakus did he go down with the ship? I couldn’t touch his mind anymore. Normaly this could only mean a few things sleep, death, great distances, or magics. In my eyes all are baddly timed. Nothing left not even my beloved rune sword Vlos.

As the sun set the one night, I broke the soil’s hold and stepped up free into the cool dusk air. Knocking the dirt free my hand hit something weighted. Swiftly I looked down and pulled at the pouchs around my belt. My withering fingers didn’t want to move as quickly as I would have liked.

To my releaved eyes I still had my small orb of seeing. Holding the three inch orb in hand softly I spoke my command. Staring into the orb’s swirling formed gray clouds cleared and revealed a land with many cities and magics. For even the simples magics could block the orbs gaze.

Following the orb I came to a city with many walls surrounded by jungles, desert, and water. I slowly tried to mix with the people coming and going to this city. More then once I had to stop and clear my mind. I could feel the hunger building the more I move around them. The smell of thier soft salty skin running hot with the blood of the day’s labors.

Leaning against a wall druck with these images came a voice speaking at my. Blinking quickly and shuck my head and looked up. A man was asking if I was new and was looking for training. He spoke of a school he had started to help those new to the realm or in need. I followed him to a fort just out the city’s west gate.

Once in the fort I met a trainer, who had shown me a few new things with a blade. After, spoke again about maybe joining them there, politely I side stepted it. Fine warriors and mages from what i seen. But my kind are only welcomed so long after they know.

Plus I wish to see if there are others kindred around. If I find none then I am honor bond to ensure that the Cappalacial bloodline continues, thrives and is protected.

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