searching for knowledge

Pondering the strange book from the dameonic knight that fell from the skies above narrowhaven a few days ago, Phaere was considering her options. The neighbour mage Engale Strace came knocking on the door of the newly finished villa, and he seemed to have been pondering the same questions, where to learn that ancient and strange language of infernal.

After some debates on how to procure knowledge of either the language or someone who could teach it, they agreed on two possible options (and as scholars tend to do, disagree on a whole lot more), one was to summon a daemon from the abyss and force it to translate the language, thou how to force one of those to do so thruthfully was another matter entirely, the other was to visit the arcane academy to look for a skilled linguistic there, or instructions on daemonic summoning for more than just a temporary combat ally.

the visit to the academy seemed to be safest bet to try for first, except for some dust allergy since the students do not seem to get classes in sweeping, there were no risks involved there, only rewards in knowledge, so off they went to the portal to the academy. inside, the cobwebs and dust assailet their noses, and after a lot of sneezing, they alas did not find a skilled linguistic, neither a broom, but they did find a book on the properties of obsidian which seemed to be a powerfull protective barrier against daemonic influences. This might be a key to forcing thruth from a daemon.

(alas, then DM announced on worldchat he had to go, so further delving in the event would be pointless before we could summon him to withness our work) so we went from ic knowledge gathering to ooc bookpublishing and language training, which seems stuck thou, but i will post that in bugs).



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