Sasha Returns

She stood at the top of the light house, looking down over the water. Her mind was in chaos, her emotions turmoil. She had been visiting often now, once she discovered he was still around. Sitting at the tavern and drinking, the cowl wrapped around her head. Pain: She could almost feel the headaches that he constantly complains about.

The night before he had told her more about his past than she had known before. His eyes: She could see in his eyes, how he longed to be free of the cycle; pain, meds, confusion. She wasn’t sure her place in Narrow Haven any more. It seemed a town of the past, memories. Sasha lifts a delicate thin hand to her lips.

‘I am so tired, of living in the past. And yet, that is where I found myself.’ She looks to the crumpled form on the floor curled up and sleeping. ‘I brought you here, now I just… I just need to make a plan.’ Her memory flickers again to the night before. The same quiet tavern. Her cheeks flush. ‘I lost my temper. I made such a scene!’ Her voice floats in the air, a hollow sounding dry laugh. ‘Oh, I am truly sorry, but i could not ignore it anymore. I refuse to fail you again.’ She shakes her head turning and walking towards the stairs. There would be no avoiding Narrow Haven at this point, no hiding away and watching the world move on without her. Lifting her chin proudly, Sasha recalls the look on Malakai’s face, as she kicked him through the portal, the look he gave, when she so clearly, and angrily, revealed who she was. Yes, something definitely needs to be done. ‘Who will I ask for help, or will I? It should be something I can do alone.’ She looks down to her hands again a not so forgotten fear threatening to rise within her. ‘And if I fail again, what then will I do?’ Her teacher’s face rose to the surface of her mind as she shook her head trying to clear it. Perhaps it was time, to again try to find help, to pause and plan, instead of always being so rash.

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