Runes of Time

Posted as Engale:

Long ago before I showed up here I was an apprentice of a master traveling magi. In that time I had come to learn a lot of runes and their destinations. Inscribing them, how to store them. My master showed me many places and alluded to runes which can take you not only to another place, but another time in that place. I had all but forgotten this until events took place that had taken me to times not my own.

Merrick… I know he didn’t have much respect for me but I ventured into a conversation with him anyways. He informed me of criminal activity, I informed him of my quest to find these runes of time.

We quickly parted ways after this.

I stopped after he was outside of my sites flipped open my rune book and ventured to a rune I rarely use, I needed time to think again, the waterfall I was hoping would allow me that at least.

I sat on the bridge railing for some time watching the water smash into the pond below, staff in my lap. I sat there until there was no light left, then I recalled home, no good thought came to me.

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