Roayal seal

A great Sacerfice and a royal coronation

Many Citizens gathered in the Underdark for rumors of a Princess to be crowned. Hours passed, "is it true?" people wispered anxiously waited. A day had passed still no word but what they did not know, was a Qu’essan being crowned.

As the city of Naentek waited, Tulsharess Dhaune and the Rest of the Tulshar(Empire) were in the throne room, hours passed. Dhaune emerged from Royal staircase "Citizens of Naentek Soon the ceremony shall begin our Princess is ready." Dhaune spoke with a roar that echoed throughout the city" You all shall see soon enough Dhaune sent Bran Maur to Gather the food for the Great feast Daune ordered "Zyn to go slaughter as many rivvil as you can bring back their pieces, Chaos Demands It!!" Zyn did as ordered, and after a few hours returned with a large bloodied sack, leaving driblet’s in its wake.

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Zyn scattered the body parts all over the sacrificial circle. Dhaune began to chant and pray she swaying back and fourth "In the name of chaos take this flesh" her hands started to glow red as she chanted, the fire roared up covering the circle and with a final burst almost reached the spectators. They watched as the bodies burn. " Thinking to herself This is no time to get a hot head! "she chuckled"

"The time has come for the grand sacrifice" Dhaune explained proudly almost jumping up and down form the excitement." Zyn was ordered to go fetch the slave, Zyn and the slave entered the throne room pushing her into the circle. Grabbing her arms from behind he held her still. Dhaune then called her daughter to the Circle cause its her who will do the killing this day. "Raisa Sinnore come and show this slave why the drow are Superior!!!! Raisa quickly took the dagger in her hand with a quick swipe almost severed the head. We laughed, puked and Danced. The blood of the slave dripped down her shoulders onto the ground Raisa Laughed as the slave’s throat seeped blood. "My daughter take her heart in the name of chaos, cut this out and drink of the blood" Raisa smiled. With a stab to the chest, and some vigorous slicing In in moments out came the slaves heart, Rasia held it up then putting her lips on an artery and drunk. Smiling as the blood ran down her chin.

Dhaune Sinore_6-22_18.45.jpg

The ceremony came to an end Raisa and the others were summoned to the throne room
Raisa step before me and kneel, Raisa did as she was told and kneeled before her mother.
Dhaune spoke with a stern voice so all of the throne room could hear. "With this crown you are the Qu’essan of Naentek."

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