Road’s End

He could feel it as soon as he regained control.. it was over.. he was finally at the end.. he was too broken.

His eyes sought her, in the blackness.. but he could not compel them to do as he wished.. she was here somewhere but he could not find her.. it was dark.. cold..

Then there she was.. everything.. her face.. her eyes.. all he could find. She was saying something.. offering something.. as she had the day they had met, even still she was trying to change it.. trying to reverse his fate.. but he had never been meant to live.. he had been meant to die. From that day to this one.. Every day had been borrowed time. Stolen time.. time he had cheated from death.. Time she had cheated from death for him.. Wonderful, Horrible, precious stolen moments.

He could see her lips moving.. her brow furrowing, the desperation in it.. Whatever she was saying, whatever she was suggesting.. He knew it would hurt her that the road ended here.. but he knew it did.

His hand found hers.. gripping it gently with the last of his strength.. his vision began to fade.. he could see her face now.. only her face.. her lips.. her cheeks..

Her eyes.. Her beautiful cobalt eyes.. He remembered them first.. and he remembered them best.. From that first day.. The first time he had looked into them.. then as now.. as the blackness swirled in, and they remained all he could see..

It would be Her eyes.

-AR R.I.P.

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