Riku VanGroft’s

Much has happened in the life of the City of Narrowhaven. most recently a new king took the throne. Riku VanGroft, a blacksmith from deep in the mountains. little is known of about him and even less is asked. yet he managed to take the throne without a single objection. in fact many seemed more then happy for him to take the seat. all was well until one day, shortly after Riku was crowned, a plague struck Narrowhaven. with no clue as to how it started he began his search for answers refusing to let his people die in the streets. he soon realized this was no ordinary plague. those who died by its hands would soon rise and begin attacking the citizens of Narrowhaven. a few days into his search for answers he find Merrick Godfrey. the king of mythndale in narrowhaven searching for the asme answers. he was speaking to a woman in dark clothing, they would soon learn she was a necromancer. she was cryptic at best and insulting at worst but she aided them non the less in the search. soon Riku, Merrick and the woman found a traveling monk. he seemed ill and they approached him to ask if he knew anything that would help them. what they found was that the monk was already to far gone to the plague to be saved but as he lay dying he grasped at Riku’s ankle and said "the Deboacher. The Ancient One" before he breathed his last. as the three stood there trying to understand what the man had meant Godfrey could contain his anger no longer and lashed out at the gods. calling whatever god it was that was doing this to show himself and fight. not a minute later 2 Ancient lich attacked the party and almost did them in. but through a tough fight and a lot of luck the party won out. though not before the lich could enchant a few citizens into attacking Riku and then Godfrey. after the battle Godfrey brought Riku to his privet estate to wait out the people madness and to try and decode what the monk had said in his final words. with no luck they begin to head back to Narrowhaven. as they walked out of Merricks office there stood The Beautiful Kairi Vel. the woman who from first sight had stolen Riku’s heart. not that he wanted it back mind you. they all talked and kairi told Riku of a man looking to do business with him. he thanked her and smiled as Godfrey walked up to her and began talking. as they explained the troubles and current state of narrowhaven to kairi Riku began to notice something between Merrick and Kairi. he said nothing and help his words though In his heart he knew. moments later the two said they had to leave to take care of something and Riku in turn went back to Narrowhaven on his own in search of more answers. upon arriving he was beset upon by the fallen of the plague and quickly laid them to rest though before he could search for anything more he was summoned back the Merrick’s estate. he quickly responded and with the wave of his hand and a flash he was standing in the courtyard of Merrick’s estate again and they began going over their business. a few minutes into the conversation Riku could no longer hide the feelings he had seeing how close the two seemed and Merrick noticed. he asked Riku what was wrong and Riku responded asking what the relationship between them was. as they spoke and he saw how kairi smile at Merrick Riku could feel his heart tearing. it was clear that the woman he loved, was a woman in love with another. he steeled his face as to not show one ounce of the pain in his heart. moments later Kairi had to leave, Merrick offering to walk her home. Riku takes his leave. he turned his back and uttered the incantation of Runic Travel. but right as he was to vanish from their sight he looked back at Kairi. a look a true loss in his eyes and the pain of his broken heart showed clear. he knew not if she saw it and honestly he hoped she hadn’t. he thought to himself "as long as she’s happy" and pushed it all back down. not a second later he was gone. back in narrowhaven, at his small shop of a home he retired. pulling the books from his shelves to study anything and everything he could that might help him save his city. drowning out the pain of his bleeding heart with a purpose he sealed his feeling inside of himself and focused on the task at hand.

To Be Continued

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