Repairs Complete

It had taken some time to gather all the materials necessary. Hard work was not unknown to this dwarf however. He had gathered all the stone necessary, working long hours into the night. It even took some time to load all the pieces up onto his pack horses. Trudging along the path to the bank, Korr made his calculations, not paying much attention to the people around him. It was some time before he realized that there was noise coming from the bank already.

He tied the horse off an made his way inside, checking into the commotion. He walked in to the sight of a woman’s rump, wiggling this way and that in leather pants as she worked at the flooring of the building. He grunted, running a hand down his beard, straightening it as he assessed the situation in the bank. The woman had already begun tearing up the broken flooring to move new planks into place.

"Ah suppose yer ‘ere ter ‘elp wit deh repahrs dehn?" he called out, moving around to inspect the hole. He didn’t really pay much attention to the conversation, something about her being an understudy to some carpenter or another he’d never heard of. Regardless, as the time progressed, he noticed that she did great work. The flooring took a few hours once the foundation was repaired. Then it was onto the wall.

Korr began to methodically lay the stones out into place, in order to help get the wall up a bit quicker. The woman complained about the shape of the stones. Korr merely shrugged, not knowing there was any difference. She set to work with a quickness, moving stones into place and reshaping the wall with his help. They worked in silence, settling into a groove. They made a good team. Korr even stated that and she had agreed.. Her name was Wood. Which he’d remember since she told him not to get excited thinking about her. She was nice enough in the body, but not enough thickness.

A woman needs some good cushion for the pushin’, Korr thought with a grin, leaving the bank with less stone, and in full repair.


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