Recounting an adventure

Tzurei sat alone at the bar of The Drider’s Rest tavern. Leaning over his mug of ale, and deep in thought.
It had been so long since he found himself on the surface world. It all seemed like such a blur.

A vivid memory began to fill his mind.
He had befriended a pack of Dire Wolves to aid him in the sewers. They had been fierce, and he was one of them.
A smile crept across Tzurei’s face as he remembered the events. The alligators and rats didn’t stand a chance this time.

He had stood over the many corpses in that sewer, breathing in the victory, feeling it all around him. The wolves at his side… the pack… HIS pack. The memories felt good.
But then he was back again, alone at the bar.
"I should visit them soon…." he mumbles to himself.

Tzurei takes another long swig of ale as his mind begins to wander once more.
It was the day he first truly explored Destard. On all previous excursions he had remained on the upper level, in the open expansive cave, quelling the drake and dragon that called it home.
This time, however, he had gone deeper in the caves. He was caught off guard by a hungry dragon.
It was then that another dragon had suddenly come out of no where and saved Tzurei.

This was the day that Tzurei met his long time companion, Kratos.

It was memories like these that were haunting him lately. Tzurei glanced around the bar once more.
He loved the life he had made on the surface… but it seemed the treachery of the Underdark would continue to spew to the surface.
Tzurei knew what must be done…
They all knew…

He just wanted to live his life. But that would have to wait.

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