Race: Werewolves

This is the lore for Werewolves, that a few of us play. Anyone interested in playing with this lore I ask that you do so maturely and respectfully. If you would like to have a character become a half blood werewolf, such a thing can be arranged, via RP.

Werewolf Resource

Werewolf Types

1. Pureblood

A Pureblood werewolf is born from two werewolf parents. Purebloods
inherit the abilities of their parents. The child will have all
combined abilities from both parents. The child will not show signs
until they mature, usually around the age of eighteen.

2. Half-blood

A Half-blood werewolf is created by drinking the blood of a Pureblood
werewolf. This is usually done in a ceremony in which the Pureblood
gives its blood willingly. The person must drink approximately one half
pint of werewolf blood, if they fail to drink it all immediately (drinking
without stopping untill it’s all gone) there is a chance, while small,
they may become Feral.

3. Feral

A Feral werewolf can be created in several ways. They are the most Common
type of werewolf. They can be created when a person is bitten by another
werewolf. A Feral can also be created when the ceremony to create a
Half-blood fails.

Werewolf Abilities/Weaknesses

1. Transformations
Each type of werewolf has the ability to transform, however the different
types are capable of different levels of this ability. There are two different
forms that can be taken. Beast-form; which is half-human half-wolf. A humanoid
figure with wolf head, fur, claws, tail, and pawed feet. They stand on their feet
as a human would. Wolf-form; which is when the werewolf takes on the form of a wolf.
The type of wolf they appear as depends on the persons appearance and personality.
Timber wolf, Dire wolf, Grey wolf, Arctic wolf, and Dark wolf are the wolf forms.

A Pureblood can change shape as many times and at any time, they are not
restricted by the time or moon. Can change shape numerous times per day.
They can take on both forms.

A Half-blood can change shape once or twice per day, depending on the success of the
ceremony when they became a werewolf. They can change regardless of time of day or
moon cycle. However they may find it more difficult to change shape during the day.
They can take on both forms.

A Feral can only change shape with the moon cycle, they also have no control over
the transformation. They can only take on Beast-form.

2. Fast Healing
Werewolves have a natural ability to heal wounds faster, and are more resiliant to
damage to their bodies. Silver weapons will negate this ability, damage done by silver
will have a normal healing rate.

3. Heightend Senses
Werewolves gain the heightend senses of a wolf, they will have a better sense of smell,
sight, and hearing.

4. Vulnerable to Silver
Werewolves are vulnerable to silver. Silver will cause them serious harm and prevent
them from healing unless the silver is removed from their bodies. Magic will not heal
wounds caused by silver as it would a regular wound. It will still heal the wound but
at a very slow rate. Stitching the wound and bandaging it is the best course of action.
If silver were to puncture the heart of a werewolf it would cause immediate death.
All werewolves are vulnerable to silver.

5. Immortality
Werewolves are capable of achieving immortality. This is a difficult task that
usually causes most werewolves to become evil in trying to accomplish this.
Should a werewolf devour the heart of a person who truly hates the werewolf, then
that werewolf would gain the years of life remaining of that person. (had the
werewolf not killed them) Thus extending their own life span.

6. Transformation Shock
Should a werewolf try to transform too frequently, the shock caused by the transformation
to the body could kill them. Transformation is an incredably painful experience,
and not one that is enjoyed by any werewolf.

7. Disease Immunity
All werewolves are immune to disease. As Lycanthrope is considered a disease and will kill
off any other virus that may try to enter the body. This prevents werewolves from becoming
undead through means of vampires.

8. Mental Shielding
Werewolves have a high resistance to any sort of mental control. This is because their minds
are unlike any other. Those who practice controlling the minds of humans may not be able
to control a werewolf at all due to the fact that they are part animal. The mind is not made
up the same any longer and the process will not work as it does in humans. It is very dangerous
to try to control a werewolf because once in beast-form the werewolf may turn on their

9. Partial Transformation
Purebloods are capable of this with practice, it can be passed to half-bloods but it is rare.
This allows the werewolf to quickly gain muscle mass for a short time, giving them werewolf
strength in their human form. This can also be dangerous as the shock to the body can cause
permanent damage.

Becoming a Werewolf

To become a werewolf a person needs to either be bitten by a werewolf or drink
the blood of a werewolf. The lycanthrope is a disease that is transfered through
blood or salivia. Blood is the best way to transfer it to another person.

Being bitten by a werewolf will cause the person to transform into a feral werewolf
on the next full moon. It is possible to to become a half-blood instead of a feral
by drinking the blood of a werewolf before the first full moon after being bitten.
If this is not done then every full moon the person will transform into the
Beast-form and go on an uncontrolled rampage.

Once a person drinks the blood of a werewolf they will immediately transform into the
Beast-form, after that they will shift into Wolf-form. Staying transformed for too long
the first time can be dangerous as the chance of going feral for a half-blood during the
first transformation exists and poses a threat so it is important to immediately change
back into the human form once acheiving the wolf-form.

Purebloods are born werewolves, once they come of age they gain their abilities naturally.


The ceremony to become a half-blood werewolf can be dangerous as there is always a chance
that it could fail and create a feral instead. In order for the best chances of success
there should be a pureblood present to give the blood for the person to drink.

Steps in the Ceremony

1. A pure or half-blood werewolf should transform into their Beast-form. Once in beast-form
they must spill their blood into a cup or bowl for the person becoming a werewolf to drink.
Transforming before taking the blood lowers the risk of creating a feral, drinking the blood
of a pureblood werewolf lowers it further.(this comes into play should they fail to drink
all of the blood)

2. Drinking the blood, this can be tough for any human and may cause them to gag or vomit.
Should they fail to drink all the blood or vomit it up then there is a chance they can
become feral.
~DICE CHECKS~ (use a D20)
[DC12]- upon successful roll the person managed to drink all the blood.
– 1-2 is a critical fail, did not drink at all and may attempt again.
– 3-11 fail, drank some but did not finish or vomited back up the blood.
Pureblood [DC8]
Half-blood [DC10]
Humanform [DC14]
Depending on what blood was used the person must then perform this DC in order to see if they
will become Feral for failing to drink the blood.

3. Ability Transfer
If they successfully drank the blood without fail, then all of the abilities will be
transfered to the new werewolf. If they failed to drink all of the blood then only some
abilities will be transfered. If failed roll for the percentage that transfer.
Abilities that may fail to transfer are;

Fast Healing (1-70%)
Heightend Senses (71-100%)
Partial Transformations (does not transfer if failed)

4. Transformation
After drinking the blood they will then transform into beast-form, and then to wolf-form.
They must transform back into human form to complete the process. Once they have returned to
human form the ceremony will be complete. It is an exhausting trail for the new werewolf and
their body will require rest after such stress put upon it.

Werewolf Appearances

Feral werewolves once in their beast-form will look much like another werewolf in beast-form
with subtle differences. They will have red eyes, and salivate much more.

~Half-blood and Pureblood~
Both of these types will have golden eyes, and will be able to transform into wolf-form.
Their wolf-form depends upon the person. Their hair color in human form will also determine
which wolf-form they take on.
Blonde – Arctic, Grey, and Dire
Brunette/Black – Dark, Grey, and Dire
Red – Timber, Grey, and Dire

Grey is the most common color of fur for werewolves. The Dire form is only added based on
personality of the person. Those with an aggressive and ruthless personality will be the
Dire form of which ever type of wolf is in their hair category.

Playing a Werewolf

Important things to remember while playing a werewolf are that your transformations are
extremely painful. Bones and muscles are tearing appart and reforming during the transformation
so keep that in mind. First parts of the transformation are going to be chest pains and
shift in eye hue. The chest pains are caused by the heart expanding, it is the first thing to
change and the rest of the body will soon change.

It is possible for werewolves in beast-form to speak, however it will carry the sound of
growls as an undertone to the speach. It will be difficult at first so it will be something
that is learned and not instantly picked up. You have a new mouth you need to learn how to
speak out of it.

When in wolf-form, werewolves can communicate with each other as wolves do. This is done
through growls, chirps, barks and body language.

Much like wolves, werewolves have a pack mentaility. There is an alpha male and alpha female
who lead the pack. The pack is like a family, and they all work together towards a common
goal. Usually survival. Feral werewolves are the only ones who do not adhere to this.

Should you become a Feral werewolf then it is important to remember that you can only transform
on the full moon. For moon cycles it is best to go by real life moon cycles as ingame ones
may occur every few hours. Once transformed feral werewolves are filled with rage and bloodlust
and will go on a rampage killing anything they find. Feral werewolves don’t go around just
biting people, they kill. It is very rare to survive an attack from a feral werewolf.
Unless the feral was killed during the attack or by other means incompacitated.

For Purebloods and Half-bloods, once they reach wolf-form their instincts will take over.
They will have memory of events that took place during their time as a wolf, but a lower
level of self-control as they will be very wolf-like. With time they will gain more control
over this state of transformation.

Transformations usually take a few minutes to complete, with years of practice the transformation
can be sped up but attempting this may cause greater damage to the body.

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