Race: Half Dragons

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Though most people are unaware, dragons of all colors sometimes walk among them. And, for as varied reasons as exist with all the races, these dragons sometimes will take a mate from the two-legged ones they walk amongst. The children of these unions are the rare breed known as half-dragons. Again, for reason known only to the dragons, the most common unions by far are with humans and elves, but it is not impossible for a dragon to mate with other races as well. Half-dragon babies are not born in eggs and grow and reach maturity according to the life cycle of their non-dragon parent. Their adult lifespan, however, is extended ranging from 700 to 1000 years.

(Mostly suggestion, and Wings can exist if wanted)

Half Dragon appearance varies from individual to individual. In all known cases the body is humanoid, taking after the non-dragon parent. The reason for this is a matter of speculation, though the prevailing theory is that a dragon’s physical form is naturally flexible (dragons being inherent shape shifters) and therefore the draconic half conforms to the biped form of the other parent which lacks the same flexibility.

There are, however, several physical traits half-dragons do commonly exhibit that reveal their unique parentage. Half-dragon skin is almost always of unusual pigmentation – matching the color of their dragon parent. In some cases the skin even develops fine scales. Even the half-dragon’s hair may have a metallic sheen to it. Horns are also a common trait, as are talons or clawed fingers and toes. Some exhibit all canine teeth or even sharp fangs. Some have eyes slit with vertical pupils rather that the round pupils of their non-draconic parents. A very rare trait is the presence of a tail.

Many dragons will have one or two of these traits, a few have more, and a small number will have all of them. Half-Dragons have not been known to be born with wings.

Internally they also have a few differences from other humanoids. All half-dragons have vocal cords that closely resemble those of their draconic parent. With them they are able to speak in both normal tones and in the multi-tonal range of true dragons, which is beyond the ability of normal mortals to properly pronounce Often half-dragons will have a three chambered heart, the sound of which (when heard by a true dragon’s incredibly acute ears) will immediately reveal their heritage even if the other outward signs are not present or are concealed.

The body chemistry of some half-dragons is quite unique. Where the parent was a Black or Green dragon, the body can be quite acidic, the breath giving off acrid vapors. Others, particularly those descended from Reds and Golds have metabolisms that burn very hot, their breath can be laced with tendrils of smoke, especially when aroused to anger. Children of White and Blue dragons, on the other hand, are often startlingly cold to the touch. (Any body chemistry differences are minor and are for RP value only, they are not to be considered valuable as special powers or advantages. For instance, black half-dragon blood is not acid enough to burn through rope or other things.)


Half-Dragons share a dual nature, inheriting in full the instincts and desires of both their dragon and non-dragon parents. The temperament of their draconic half will vary depending upon color but some characteristics are universal to all.

From their draconic side half-dragons inherit a strong sense of curiosity and possessiveness. Having inherited a touch of the acute senses of their draconic parent, half-dragons are often very aware of minute details and have a desire to satisfy their natural curiosity by experiencing things with as many of their senses as possible. When something that catches their interest can be both seen and touched, seeing alone is not satisfying. And when a thing of interest can be seen, touched, and posed; then merely seeing and touching alone can be a disappointment.

The desire of a half-dragon to posses finds natural outlet in the gathering of a dragon’s horde. The most obvious form a horde take in an accumulation of wealth – gold, gems, art, magical artefacts and the like, but any dragon, and half-dragons in particular often view other, less material things as part or all of their horde. For instance, a half-dragon may take a liking to a person be they lover or friend, or even to a whole community such as a particular village. The half-dragon will then guard them with possessive, perhaps even obsessive care. Or a half-dragon may devote themselves to a particular ideal or cause and treat that as their treasure. In any case, whatever a half- dragon takes as its horde it will feel an intense and possessive desire to protect and, if possible, to grow. The fastest way to raise the fury of a half-dragon is to attempt to harm or steal its horde.

The half-dragon’s other nature is the one it inherits from its non-dragon parent. Because of this the half-dragon will have the desires that come naturally to that parent’s race as well, whatever they may be.

How well the two natures of a half-dragon interact can vary. In some rare cases the natural inclinations of both heritages will compliment each other to such an extent that they meld together as one in perfect harmony.

At the other end of the spectrum, the two may remain completely separate, isolated even to the extreme of split personalities. In such cases it is almost as if two beings inhabit one body, constantly fighting for mastery. In the half-dragon’s youth the non-dragon nature is often the stronger, able to maintain control most, but not all, of the time. As the dragon ages and begins to surpass the usual lifespan of its non-dragon race’s half, the draconic nature inevitably begins to dominate until, in the end, it completely possesses the being.

The majority of half-dragons fall somewhere in-between these two extremes – they do not have split personalities but neither are they in total and perfect inner harmony.


All alignments are possible but normally alignment is influenced greatly by the color of the Dragon parent. Below are the most common half-dragon alignments by color. Alignments that are different, especially large differences such as Evil to Good or Good to Evil are quite rare. (though this can vary depending on backgrounds made :) )

Silver: LG, NG, CG
Gold: LG, NG
Bronze: LN, TN, NG
Brass: CG
White: TN, NG, NE
Blue: NE, LE
Green: CE, NE, CN
Red: CE, CN
Black: LE, NE

Powers and abilities:

Through they do not inherit the super-acute senses of their dragon parents, they are often in very touch with their senses and therefore more aware of what their senses tell them than other humanoids are. For example, a half-human half-dragon would have no sharper ears than any other human but they might be better aware of small sounds that others hear would disregard. This keen awareness, however, is no more than any other person could acquire with proper training.

Half-dragons receive no other special powers or abilities.

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