Quest; The Return of Asmodeus

Image The Gem Collector

The Gem Elemental spoke of important words as I asked a silly question in which I wasn’t believing myself. I figured that, as precious as she could be, she could perhaps know how to create such object. At least a clue, anything. I was desperate for an indication of any kind… if it could be done, it would mean so much.

– Miss, I think I remember something about fifty gems of each sorts… or maybe a hundred…

I was shocked. Standing behind the large table of my underground Lab, I froze. I clumsily dropped the half filled vial I was working on, letting the content spread on the stone floor, without even reacting. Have I really heard right? It sounded possible, even on a short term notice. I started breathing again, after a while that seemed to have lasted forever. I don’t even recall when was the last time I felt such a wave of overwhelming feelings. My head was spinning and I even grew doubts about all of this being a dream. The strong and sour stench of the alchemical mixture that was sticking on the ground reminded me it could only be true. So there was hope?

Gems. I was lucky enough to have quite a collection already, but I needed far more than what I already had. I managed to curl a smile for Amber, thanking her for her valuable knowledge. By the way she was staring at me, I imagine that I got lost in my thoughts for way longer than a few simple minutes.


– My Dears, today I present to you a new mission that is of first importance! It shall be taken care of before all the other ones we are currently working on. I have prepared a list of ingredients we will need to gather. Please keep an eye open for those and bring them to me. I shall reward those of you that will have proven to have made the best efforts.

Most of them were smiling, ready to run and bring me everything I asked, on a silver plate. They were beautiful. Beings that are bound by Love will do everything in their power to please another. I have enough Love for all of them at once, it was not a problem. The ladies had their missions, the men had some others, and even I had an important part to play. After all, I must be the one almost drowning in my own motivation… So, we all went together in endless hunts, keeping an eye on everything that would shine in the darkness of caves, in bottom of treasure chests. Alas… it was a long and seemingly endless task.

What if I used of my persuasion to jump to a higher level in less time? Surely being seen at the surface more often, because of all those travels for gems, would catch the eye of a few… A most beautiful lady, blood-red colored hair and a bow; the perfect recipe for success.


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