Quest; The Garden of Deception [Failed]


Quest; The Garden of Deception
Going against -The Return of Asmodeus-

The roof of my Mansion is blooming with thousand of flowers, with beauty, and lies… especially lies. Most of my days and nights, now, I spend them up here, with the blossoming vegetation. Such beauty and delicateness, yet most of those plants find themselves to hold the most poisonous substances ever existing. Some able to paralyze almost instantly a full grown human body, others slowly sending another into the arms of eternal sleep. Somehow, I’ve found myself to feel particularly at my place amongst those dangerous plants. Despite that hidden strength, they were all so fragile, so exceedingly weak, just like I.

The truth is, I was avoiding the Family Hall and its members after Asmodeus had told me about a plan that was preparing against me. For some days, I had doubted his words, thinking he simply wanted to keep me away from them so I could be an easy target. Alas, with thoughts and paranoia, I have grown to believe he could be right… Why would he lie, after all? I was scared. I had surrounded myself with so many beings that I almost lost count of them. Some were not to be trusted, others could be -potentially- deadly, and another that could clearly destroy me without even trying. Should I cover myself with a fabric of lies? Should I ask help and show a true vulnerability? I have not come this far to fall, certainly not!

Asmodeus had, once again, infiltrated my dreams. I would see his dark shadow, sometimes, or have this disgusting feeling of being spied on while sleeping. This moment when you don’t even dare opening your eyes, scared of seeing the face, right above you, of a monster of some sort. I would refuse to see his, those sharp and glowing red eyes, socketed into a humanoid shape made entirely of shadows. His voice would fill my mind, like poison, and I wouldn’t even be able to silence it… Nights after nights, his whispers were slowly driving me mad.

– Let this be a lesson to you, Scarlet. See how your body is in pain without me. See how people around you suddenly betray you. See how your mind is starting to play tricks on you… I am your only protector. You cannot live without me. You have tried many times to escape my Love, but learn that I only can decide wether or not it happens. You have no faith in me…

You deserve to suffer. I’m sure it will make you happier to have me by your side, won’t it? You’ll learn the price of going against my will… Let me tell you what I expect of you when I come back;

No more fighting me, but I want to fear you… this delightful feeling of fear around you.
You will appreciate my presence like you are supposed to.
You will submit entirely once and for all!

All of this in the name of… love, of course. You know what love means, now. Your whole body feels it at this exact moment. Worry not, my Precious Rose, it will get deeper and deeper until it intoxicates your mind.

I would always wake up in panic, almost jumping out of the bed, each and every time. Pearls of sweat were decorating my forehead, proving to me that it wasn’t just a normal nightmare… I would quickly silence my own emotions and curl myself in the protective arms of Fenrir. There, there Asmodeus would not get to me. I did put all my trust into Fenrir, whom I believed was like me; fighting over some demons crawling under his skin. Despite knowing myself to be the less trustable being of the lands, I had hopes I would be the exception, like he is to me.

Now, I was hesitating, should I share with Fenrir the stories of the Seven Curses? Or would he start doubting my true intentions? I cannot take a chance to lose him… that would destroy too much…


One night, while I was tending to my flowers, from which I was preparing some medecine from, the ill drow came to me, looking weak and desperate.

– Miluda, didn’t the last treatment work? You don’t seem well.
Holding up my usual smile, I was now an expert in covering my own feelings, barely ever opening to anyone.

– I’ll be fine, Scarlet. The problem is not me, here, I think. How are you? Truly.

My facial expression fell into most serious traits, as I made sure we were both alone in this garden of poison. She needed me, for her life, I could entrust her with a mission, maybe. What’s the worst that can happen if I ask her? I slowly pushed myself up, wiping some dirt off my warm hands, before answering to her in a secretive tone;

– I’ve been a fool and I’ve been blind. I’m always dragging some old problems along, you see. Someone in the Family is attempting to betray my fragile trust, Miluda. You know how hard it is for me to offer such to anyone? The problem I see is I start to wonder how could anyone backstab me while under the Kiss. Help me, please, before everything is destroyed. Find who is plotting… find why Asmodeus thinks he will be back… I want everything reported. Every move, every word…

– Even Fenrir’s?

I frowned when she asked this question, unable to choose the appropriate answer right away. He could prove himself to be so na├»ve sometimes… someone could easily manipulate him and he might not even hold a single doubt. On the other hand… no… I shook my head as a sigh left my crimson lips, quietly.

– No, not Fenrir… But all the others, for safety, please. Help me undo those plans so I don’t lose like I’ve lost in my dreams.

– Since you save my life, Scarlet, I will keep an eye on everyone and help you protect what you have created.

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