Quest; Fight or Surrender?


Quest; Fight or Surrender?
[Serious Roleplayers are welcome to take part in this quest, and reply to these posts, since all influence from both sides will be taken into consideration for future consequences.]

There was a lot of unfinished business everywhere, so much that I felt as if I was sinking into chaos, which I dislike. These recent times had been decorated with failures on all fronts. Some mistakes were worst than others, and made me forget to reply as strong as I would have wanted to. -He- was the reason I almost forgot about everything else.

When I close my eyes, there isn’t much to see anymore. I used to imagine the exponential growth of my Family and everything we could accomplish together, and myself ruling as a Queen. Why not? Am I not the living symbol of true love, for them all? I have seen and felt, and failed to one warlock’s feelings. Who would dare to tell me no power lies within obsession and craving for another? If I got trapped in plans darker than myself, why wouldn’t it be the same for them?

I was standing in the treasure room, in front of Asmodeus, while he was comfortably seated on the middle throne. My crimson stare was locked upon him, detailing every of his features that I already knew too well. He was the face of defeat, reminding me of the disgusting trap I had fell for. (Deep down, I am sure he had well planed his return for a long time… and I wasn’t quick enough to counter it.) I couldn’t see anything else than pure arrogance in every of his manners either. His sadistic smile was taunting me, lighting back the fires of hatred, which is probably what he wanted.

I felt like a puppet, who would raise an arm whenever the Master would pull a string. It wasn’t enough for him to come back, no, he had to bring back at me the seven curses I had managed to free myself of, a while ago. If I recall right, my own personal pride had kept me from sharing those problems with anyone. Nobody had to know the truth! How would I be able to fight, once ripped off my coat of lies? I would look even weaker than I already am. Furthermore, how shameful would it be to speak them up…

You shall show obedience to the Master.
You shall be loyal to the Master.
You shall learn to trust the Master.
You shall develop deep passion for the Master.
You shall express lust to the Master.
You shall hold love for the Master.
You shall forever prove your dedication to the Master.

And all of those rules were cast on his cursed phylactery he had locked around my neck. As beautiful as that necklace could be, it too was a cruel reminder of loneliness and failure. It would take time before those would have an effect on me, at least. It was acting like some kind of poison, slowly making its way into my blood and mind.

A part of me was tired of fighting. Tired of constantly raging and pushing back. The part that had, perhaps, the most realistic point of view;
– Why was I alone when that ritual happened?
– Why didn’t Miluda answer my calls for help?
– Why wasn’t Iraestra strong enough to counter Asmodeus?
– Why didn’t my bracelet of binding take me where I truly wanted to be?
– Why did everyone acted as if nothing had happened?
– Why did everything around fell silent?
– Where had Fenrir been?
– Why did my letters to the Governor went unanswered?

All of these could be linked, after all. Could it be a massive plot against me? Could everyone I had thought close had backstabbed me in order to get rid of me? Perhaps they knew that under Asmodeus’s guidance, I would be calmer. That, even, I would leave them alone? That my attention would be directed somewhere else, and that way, they would have more freedom for themselves? Even Narrowhaven would simply grow better of my absence on the crime scene. It wouldn’t even be the first time that it happens to me. I recall an entire town offering me on a silver platter to an evil one, for that purpose only. Oh how many reasons they would have had, now… Whom would help a Monster, after all?

On the other side, where my pride stands, I would gladly have a revenge and break free… but I don’t know how much there would have to gain, if there’s anything for me.

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