Postings about the lands…near and far

You notice scrolls posted all about the lands… in towns on roads leading to far lands, and even in the smallest of villages and towns many leages from Mythndale.

To all that read this… and tell all you see… Mythndale is looking for any and all able bodied warriors and crafters. The dark times are upon us and there is a great force about the lands that is getting ready to strike. It is time to prepare. Please make your way to Mythndale. For those of you who have never heard and do not know where Mythndale lies… find your way to Narrowhaven and ask about. The Mythndale Knights are out and about. Inquire with any one of them.
Also to anyone who feels they need protection from the coming storm of darkness… make your way to Mythndale. We will aid you in anyway we can.
Now.. To any and all other kingdoms, towns, villages and borrows… Mythndale is also seeking communication with your leaders, your council or whatever and whom ever is leading or governing your homeland. It is time for the lands to unite and band together to battle what darkness is coming our way. Send pigeons or runners with word on when and where to meet. You can also simply make your way to Mythndale and seek out Merrick Godfrey. He will have council with anyone and everyone… again… it is time to band together

The scrolls were all signed with Merrick Godfreys own hand, simply… " Merrick Godfrey, Paladin Knight of Mythndale

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