Postings about the Calormen Empire

People stared to notice new posting about the Calormen Empire. Simple postings about trees and buildings. Varstaad, New Tashbaan and all the other small towns and villages. The posting were simple and nothing fancy and the stated as follows.

Citizens of Calormen, I am looking for any who would like to join the "Keepers Of Calormen". It is a grouop which will be dedicated to patrolling, protecting and making sure the lands of Calormen remain safe and as undisturbed as they can be. There are "things" brewing in the lands. "Things" that have an air of darkness and war. It is time that anyone that is able to protect and serve the great lands of Calormen join together and work together to keep our borders safe and controlled.
Please make your way to New Tashbaan and look for a small smithy and speak with a man named Grim. He is the Keepers smith and can give you more details. You can also seek myself out, I am Merrick Godfrey,

It is time to step up and work together in protecting Calormen,

The posting were simply signed "Merrick Godfrey,

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