On sadness, madness, and depravity.

Adair turned to Fenrir walking out of the healers hut, "You know sometimes it surprised me Fenrir."

Fenrir turned from the window as Adair dressed himself and said, "What’s that?"

Adair replied a bit embarrassed, "How you are supposed to be the dark one and I’m supposed to be the light one?" For that neither had an answer.

Earlier in the day there had been gathering at the Inn, and Adair in the midst of his depression some how found himself in the middle of a meet and greet. Adair turned to the man speaking about greatness and bottle in hand Adair answered some of his questions. At first it was fine. People could witness that something was certainly wrong with their king, his sadness could almost be felt in the air. Adair turned up the bottle, pressed against his lips, and told the man how he wishes he could raise the dead or turn back time. Neither of these things a real possibility, not for him. It was shortly after this moment that the man started speaking on wealth, that’s when Adair had just about enough.

A man called out in the background, "The Greedy King!" Adair was outraged. At this point his filter was gone, thanks to the bottle, his anger fumed out of every pore. ‘I’m the greedy king?’ he thought to himself, ‘After everything I have sacrificed!’ His outrage grew and before he even realized it he was standing over a dead body. Adair had no real idea at what had happened in that moment. The citizens then became outraged at his attack. Adair fended off the angry citizens leaving nothing but injured bodies on the ground. He thought they might be fine but didn’t know for sure.

"Anyone else?" he asked before turning to the door, "I didn’t think so." Adair had then started walking towards the manor tossing his honor aside for the day, and who knows what else. He sat down in his office chair, his throne by any other rights, and sank further into his sadness. His mind slowly started to recall the events, ‘You know what they used to call me’ a flash of himself leaning in ‘the mad king.’ Adair Cringed as his mind processed what had happened. The rest of the night went by much calmer. People either honored or admonished him for his actions. Public out roar followed by a spirit summoned by Adair’s own grief which had come to take his life.

However as he laid unconscious on the floor he felt a certain peace that had been gone from his life for the last few years. Everything was easier and done. No having to be king, no having to lead and build a city, no having to protect people when you have no power to. He was finally done. Only to have his spirit sucked back into his body. This would have made a fitting punishment he acknowledged to himself.

His mind continued to slip back and forth between madness and sanity. The king was ill of mind, and needed something no one could provide for him, peace. Then he did something unexpected Adair began to walk towards the healers home to find something for himself.

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