Olath Ssin

Sasha slowly looked down to the dark inky pool in front of her. The smell of blood reeked in the room, skeletons and bones littered around, the sound of something dripping, constant in the room. "I was told to meet her here… at this gateway." She looked over to him in surprise. "Wait, she knows we’re coming?" The brief grin on his face was undeniable as he chuckled before responding. "She knew we were coming the moment we went under. She is over three hundred years old." With that he looked up sharply as the woman appeared seemingly out of nowhere, instantly he dropped to his knees bowing his head to the ground. She watched him in shock for a long moment before glancing to the new woman. Cold eyes stared back at Sasha, the dark form beautiful and unmoving. After soft prompting from Vuradin, Sasha slowly lowered herself to the ground as well in an attempt to imitate him.

"Your son has returned." He says to the woman softly, the rest of the conversation switching to Drow. "Speak properly boy." Forgive me mother. Tis I… Vuradin. "Vuradin is the name of a Drow, you are no such thing." Sasha peeked up between them now, wisely quiet for the moment. Vuradin slowly removed the book from his side taking much care to remain kneeling low before the matron as he placed the ancient tome upon the stone floor in front of him. "Here, now you will know all." Sasha’s soft protests were drown out as he shot her a sharp look. The matron slowly flipped the pages with her foot as she watched his life above the ground, taking specific interest in the section where the demi-god Trance changed him into a human. With that her foot lifted up as she kicked him into the wall, hitting his shoulder. Sasha looked between them in shock instantly raising to her feet and going to him worried. "Vuradin!" He instantly returned back down to his knee as the matron stepped closer to the two. "Silence!" As Vuradin raised a hand attempting to keep her back, "Sasha no." She faltered back a step, looking between them falling silent instantly as the matron grabbed Vuradin by the collar. "You wanted to be free of us?" I…I never belonged. You knew it. From the day I was born… you knew it. "You filthy my name." Sasha glanced to her now, worried lifting her hand slightly to the woman watching her closely. "Mother…" The matron froze in place, momentarily speechless, the same word echoing once on her lips. Vuradin swallowed looking up to his mother as well. "Sasha… Is my wife." Yes. The matron’s hand instantly tightened on Vuradin’s neck, blocking some air supply. Sasha looked to him feeling the space between them almost painful as Vuradin chose to not resist. "You want not to be Drow, but you want her to be?" Sasha watched him pleading him to allow her to step closer. "I will take her to replace you." I love her. "Now leave!" The matron easily tossed him down the hall as Sasha watched on in confusion obviously not understanding much of the conversation. Within a moment the matron had grabbed her and disappeared back through the gateway with her, leaving Vuradin alone in the room a single word echoing through Sasha’s head as she vanished. "No!"

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