Official Press release – Movement of Ownership

Greetings fellow UORP’ers we have an exciting announcement for you!!

Over the course of the last year and a half here at UO Roleplay we have been hard at work finalizing the development through our Alpha stage known only as "UORP". We have had an absolute blast building the UO Roleplay world and have been honored to have you all join us in the first part of this journey. If you take a look back you can see the progress we’ve made over that past 5+ years as we slowly started to drift away from the stock UO server and lore to something more individualized and unique creating a truly unique world. Through the development of the custom systems, unique lore, new content, and with your help as a player, we have finally reached the limits of the UO Client/RUNUO system. We have reached the point where we really want to add more content, more artwork, more animations, more monsters, more mounts, we want to do so much more, but the client literally won’t let us do it!

So the 4 of us, Matt, Patrick, John, and Lucas had a chat to see what our options where. For some time now we have realized that we have been quickly approaching the limits on what the UO client can handle and we saw that we really had two options:

A. We could write a new UO client from scratch. Build something from the ground up that would work with the runuo server. A new piece of software that would allow us to do more then we can do now with UO.

B. Or we could build our own game. Create own own server, create the world, make it do what we have always dreamed of doing with UO but could not do because of the limitations!

At this point there was really only one option available to us… Create our own game!

Because we love UO Roleplay so much we are going to be passing it onto a new group of leaders and developers headed up by Alpmara. We have complete confidence in Alpmara and we are very excited to see what all of you are going to create in UO Roleplay world!

We are supper excited to introduce to you Narrowhaven Online. A Massively Multiplayer Online game supporting PVM, PVP, and RP game modes. Allowing players to do what they want, be what they want, in a world they create and control. Also having the ability to slash their way through hordes of beasts, minions, and monsters on epic quests. Supported by a strong and dynamic story line which changes daily based on the actions of other players. Cities will rise and fall based on the choices of the users.
We have done a good amount of research and we believe our own game will be competitive, much less limited, and MUCH more content rich than UO could ever have been. Below are posted a few screenshots of very early development to give you an idea of the project we are creating:


We are going to create something that we have always dreamed of creating and we want you to help us!! We need your help! Together we are going to create the best RPG game that has ever been created! So please visit and sign up today! Follow all of our status updates and be one of the first to peak at our fantastic game.

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