Of Necromancy

(Please do not meta off of this. There is nothing about Hughe or even Malych that would suggest they are anything but helpful, and indeed, they actually do help. Neither are "evil" just for evil’s sake, and Hughe is indeed neutral, not really evil at all. Unless something occurs INGAME during rp to suggest either are dabbling in necromancy, it should not be assumed or played off of. THANKS! ENJOY THE STORY, FEEL FREE TO POST!)


Hughe stood alone at the top of Stone Keep and watched as the workers prepared to build the tower. The breeze was blowing off of the waters, causing his robes to pop around him. It did not take much convincing to get Malych to agree to this. The man had the gold, and his talents were something that Hughe was most interested in.

"I am sure no one is here," Hughe said, reassuring Malych that they were alone on the top of the Keep.
"So truly mage, you think that building right by a keep that houses knights and paladins is the best place for us," he asked, but did not look at Hughe. The man’s eyes were intense, and Hughe was always pleased when he did not have to look into them, though he tried not to show at any time how they unnerved him. He also did not correct the man, for Hughe was not a mage, not really.
"I do," Hughe said, but did not immediately offer more.
Malych simply waited for the answer, bringing a smile to the purple robed wizard’s lips.
"It will serve it’s purpose, Malych. We will offer them help, and indeed we will help them. Daemons and orcs over running these lands are not beneficial to anyone. However, we can ward the tower to provide privacy, and build a basement below for your, uhm, experiments. Be their friend, truly, and they will not feel a need to suspect," he said, looking over to Malych now.
Malych was starting to nod, apparently understanding Hughe’s idea.
"Think of all of the material you will have to study, with the war going on, as for me, I have my reasons. I have studied for decades; books, teachings, but I lack the practical experiences you have in your field. We shall learn much from one another."
"If the mages of Magencia know what you are doing Hughe, you will be killed. They have outlawed necromancy," Malych said. "I would be hunted as well."
"Then it would be best that they not find out," Hughe said.

Hughe smiled, remembering the conversation. Malych had much to teach him, but he had knowledge as well about necromancy. Malych seemed believe the necromancer had control of all undead, but there were master lichs in history that actually ruled over necromancers. While neither wished pursue such, it was information that Hughe had from the libraries of Magencia.
Hughe watched the Keep captain a moment. He had okayed the building with him, seeings as it was so close to the Keep. He seemed very pleased to have mages assisting the Keep, even though he understood they would not be under his command. It did not seem he wished that anyway. Magencia was pleased that Hughe was taking his mission so serious.
"Wouldn’t the White Wizard Dro be so proud," Hughe said, with no amusement, speaking of his mentor.

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