Of curious things

As she exits the cave, the brightness hits her in the face. Squinting her eyes, she peers around surveying this new town. "Narrow Haven, this will be my new home." Endless possibilities were here, she could feel it. She pulled her cloak around her shoulders securing it. There were people hustling around everywhere as her lips curled into a lazy grin. This time she could control herself, this time she would remember. Today, she vowed not to be chased out of another town, she refused to again be hunted. But for now, she only needed one.

She walked around the strange town imprinting the buildings and people into her mind as she carefully rebraided her hair for the third time. This is it, the well. Two were sitting on a bench, absently cuddling. They were not paying much attention, it was almost perfect. Yet, she only needed one. Her sister was wounded, was her claim as she feigned distress and confronted them Oddly enough they were suspicious right away, Damn them. Yet at this point she was committed.

She continued to express concern, trying to get help for a rescue. Neither one seemed to budge, simply glancing to her then each other. She glanced around nervously, soon more people would be present and this would not go well for her. As she predicted soon enough there were horses and vendors with carts. A few warriors come back from a hunt were also passing by, some dragging their newest catch. Her body betrayed her as she started to shift nervously, this was not good. A few of the crowd even paused, lending her their ear and contemplating. She only needed one.

Finally she found some interest, a young looking elf, and one appearing to be a knight. The elf was eager and exitable, he would be perfect for her. The knight, his eyes were light blue and his gaze as frozen as ice. Just looking him over made her cringe. He would be bad for business, she could tell. "Please, I’m sure the beast can easily be taken by this one," She says to the knight. "It only takes one, I don’t need two." She could feel him judging her every word while watching her movements, almost as if he already knew. How could he know, already? Finally sighing in defeat, she turned and started to lead the way, both men in tow.

She walked, taking the ferry to the north island, then again north to get off. Her movements were slow and calculated as her mind spun in overdrive. How can they be separated, and without suspicion? Many moments later she realized she wasn’t sure where they were anymore, quickly having been enveloped into a forest minutes ago. Soon they would grow suspicious. Soon it would be too late. She quickly paused, going with the first plan that came to mind. "S…she was here! She was right here! There was a wolf, maybe he’s taken her?" She followed after them, as they started to run around worried. This is how she can get one.

"We should split up! To cover more ground, what if she’s dying?" The two men looked to each other, the knight suggested a three way split, but she would have none of it. Feigning no battle prowess and weakness, she was able to travel with the elf, the knight mounted his horse and took off west. Finally, here was her chance. Turning in the opposite direction, she ran through the forest as fast as she could, running about as far as she dared. Weaving through trees, she ran to the mountain, and walked around it, until she found a hidden cove. This, this would be perfect, though there was only so much time, before the knight would return.

Her eyes slid over his form, curious that an elf would so eagerly help one of her kind. He was quite handsome. His hair was long and several parts braided, with bones or fetishes in the braids. His cheekbones sit high, with his pointed elven ears sticking just so from his mane of hair. She watched him battle the snakes, and look around desperately. He called the name, that she had claimed was her sister’s, he was looking, so hard. Yes, he would be perfect. Her lips curled into a devilish grin as she quickly stepped forward pressing herself against him burying her head in his robe to hide her smile as she trembled with anticipation. His hand softly touched the top of her head, his attempt at comfort, yet sealing his fate.

Her hand snaked up his robe softly touching his face, as she focused, touching her mind to his. She quickly and expertly sapped his energy, leaving him dizzy and drained. She wrapped her arms around him as if in comfort, to steady him as he stumbled. Perfect, now finally she would get what was hers. With a final thought she clamped her mind over his easily; whispering one word, “sleep”. Such a funny sight it was, a young girl catching and carrying a full grown man as she pulled him into the cove, into the shadows. She sat down carefully maneuvering him so that he lay against her, with his head in her lap. She pulled off his bear mask and stroked her fingers through his hair. The picture was perfect, of a child with her doll. He was beautiful, and he was hers. As she caressed him she carefully dug through his memories implanting some of the beast and her sister, all vague. Along with the new ones she also stole some, of her being close, of everything since she touched him, also making the trek a bit bleary. With all the harder work done first, so she wouldn’t forget again, she now, could finally enjoy herself. She carefully removed his arm guards and his gloves, licking her lips as her excitement grew with every motion.

((there is more to come soon it is a work in progress))

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