November Staff Auction and Donation Decorations

Each month we will make available approximately thirty of our custom decorations through this program.
These may include interactive items, add-on items, containers, and more!
A limited number of -each- of these items will be put up for auction through our auction system!
These items will also be made available through our donation store. Pick any ten for $5! Max of two duplicate items.
Please inform us if any of these items are readily available through other means so we can replace them with others!

The large fireplace on the Western wall includes the fireplace, deer head, fur, chair, footstool, and book all as one add-on. It is available facing East or South. This will be offered in very limited amounts and will be worth FIVE items.

We have four full sized fall colored trees to choose from. All come as add-on deeds! These don’t produce lumber.

A turkey on a spit hanging over a fire!

The plushies are a Sandhill Crane, Silver Wolf, and Dragon Hatchling!

All of the items between the barrels on the Southern edge are containers.

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