Nightingale Heartwood – Vampire Lore

Nightingale, Gale for short, is from a relatively small, not so well known family of vampires; the Heartwood family. Their story would be a short-lived one where they attained their vampyric forms, gained some power over a small town, then had it all taken away during a holy raid. Gale was asleep during this raid, hidden away in a secret basement of the building after an argument with the head of her family. Ironically, she hid in an unused coffin. Her sleep then lasts far longer than expected, at least long enough for her to miss many of the wars that changed the world around her. Finally, she’d wake up to find things different, now somehow on the islands. This is where her story would really begin.

As a vampire, she’s bound to have strengths and weaknesses. These might be different from other vampires due to a different blood line, a change in times, or other unknown reasons. But for most purposes, she’s the same as other vampires.

-Is mildly uncomfortable/burned under direct sunlight, as any person would be with such pale skin.
-Cannot swim and, instead, sinks like a rock. Prefers to stay away from deep water because of this and childhood trauma.
-Holy water is very painful and burns like acid.
-Silver weapons can be very harmful.
-Blessed oil lit aflame, also known as holy fire, will kill. Lava is equally dangerous.
-Dead man’s blood temporarily paralyzes.
-Must drain blood to keep young and strong. Left without blood long enough, she will become more frail until it even becomes difficult to walk.
-Most normal things will hurt her body as it would anyone else. Pain is a very real thing, even though the body can be more easily repaired than most.

Not Weaknesses:
-Has no problem crossing over running water.
-Does not need to ask for permission to enter a house.
-Does not feel the need to count things.
-Holy symbols do have no effect.
-Drowning is not fatal.
-Regular fire is not fatal.
-Super speed/strength

-Healed under direct moonlight. The more full the moon, the stronger the healing.
-Can only fully die if all blood is destroyed or if killed by holy fire or lava.
-Can drain blood from victims to grow stronger. The more blood drained, the stronger she becomes. Sentient creatures give more strength than non-sentient ones.
-Able to put thoughts in people’s minds, though they are clearly not their-own thoughts. Usually used as telepathic communication.
-Can charm weak willed men when in succubus form. [Would ask for a succubus shapechange for this, if possible.]
-Unnaturally long life.
-Attunement to Necromancy.

Other weaknesses and strengths will probably be added or changed with time. I’d very much like a GM to poke through this and let me know if all is well before I do anything further though.

No knowledge found here should be used as common knowledge in game. ~ Clarification: This only means if your character wouldn’t know anything about vampires previous to you reading this, then they still do not. If they have already had encounters with vampires in the past, then whatever knowledge they have earned IC is still usable.

Some small edits made for clarifications.

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