New Quests

I’ve decided to begin working on a series of quests related to some of the things going on in the towns around the map. As other major and minor quests are updated throughout the world these quests will come and go! I’ll post updates as quests become available. I’ll have a separate thread over in the bugs section for reporting bugs. I would appreciate it if anyone who finds a bug could report those there for issue tracking!

These quests will likely offer rewards such as unique titles, decorative items, items that could be used in game, and of course things like gold, quest points, and craft coins. It will vary widely and I am open to ideas and suggestions!

Cove will be the first town to get a handful of quests. Right now there is only one up, but I will add some more in the next couple of days! Please make sure that you read my post over in the bugs section before reporting anything.


Brother Vito of Yew – Completed – Party Enabled
Emily Estwein – In Progress – Not Party Enabled
– To Include Multiple Subquests
Corporal Reed Sterling – In Progress – Party Enabled
– To Include Multiple Subquests

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