New Lands..

The field was quiet the shadows swirling softly about them as they sat cross-legged staring off in different directions..

The world faded in and out, the colours of the field graying and returning as the world shifted in and out.. Something about this world.. it’s connection to the Shadow Realm.. it was entirely different.. Like learning the skills he had come to think of as simple second nature in Equinox all over again..

The advantage he had this time was two fold.. First, he wasn’t the weak boy he was when he had learned them the first time.. Second.. he had mastered the Shadows once before.. the control of them here was inherently different.. but it was the difference in learning to use a scimitar when you had mastered a broadsword.. not that of learning swordplay after having mastered cooking..

As the world around him faded out, her scent crossed him again. It was becoming increasingly difficult to focus.. he was unsure how long they had been here.. and even less certain how long they had been in ‘transit’.. but he had awoke with a fierce thirst.. and the inability to find a suitable hunting ground was only fueling the fire..

He absently licked his lips the colour of the world returning as his focus waned.. a low growl escaped his lips, the blackness returning as he forced the Shadows to his will.. This was an unnecessary distraction.. frustration. He was alone here.. vulnerable so long as they had no place to call home.. his closest ally, a hairsbreadth from an enemy..

The world faded in his eyes seeking her stilled form, the slow motion of her rhythmic breathing..

What would you do Adicia, if you knew..

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