Narrowhaven’s Royal Legion

Torin could be seen approaching the great bulletin boards in the public square of Narrowhaven, carrying several parchmentscrolls in a large leatherbag on his back.

As he reached them, he took out one of the parchment and grinning read them over. Contently nodding he took out some nails and a hammer, and attached the parchment.

Any bypasser would read there:

"Hear ye, hear ye

By Royal Decree isseud by His Majesty Adair de Clair and with the benevolent support of the Lady Scarlet, Duchess of Narrowhaven we are proud to announce the foundation of the Royal Legion of Narrowhaven.

This Brotherhood of Defenders shall provide an answer to any threat that might endanger the Kingdom or its residents, be it armed, magical or otherwise.

We seek men and women willing to aid Narrowhaven in its darkest hour and to dedicate their life and effort to this worthy cause.

We need You!

Signed and sealed

Torin Gryphoneye, High Constable of Narrowhaven [a golden seal, Axe and Pickaxe crossed]

Miluda, Preatorian of the Royal Bodyguard [a black seal, picturing a spiderweb and a fist)

Taking out another scroll and his hammers, he walks towards the bank, whistling with content.

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