Narrowhaven Academy of Arts Periodical


1. All students and faculty are required to follow the Laws of the Land.

2. No disrespecting those who are your superiors. This includes, but is not limited to Academy Staff. Respect will be shown at all times. The Narrowhaven Academy of Arts is not a democracy. Everyone is not treated as equals, in this regard, and there will be no arguments with those who are in charge. Discussion is acceptable, but all decisions are held by those who govern the grounds, and are final. Only the Headmaster has the authority to revoke staff decisions.

3. Students shall maintain decorum at all times. Swearing, shouting in the halls, vandalism, fighting, and provocation are strictly forbidden.

4. Any activity, action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health of another student or staff member, or involves the forced consumption of potions, liquor, drugs, or magic used to harm another student or staff member is strictly prohibited.

5. No mind-altering materials allowed upon the grounds – this includes tobaccos, drugs, alcohol, potions and spells. We are here to learn and must keep our minds in tact. (This does not include medications given out by licensed healers.)

6. No stealing. No borrowing without permission with intentions to give it back or replace it.

7. Students are forbidden from faculty areas, including the kitchen, faculty lounge, and offices, unless with the permission and escort of a member of faculty. This also includes classrooms when a class is not in session.

8. No summons are to be allowed anywhere but in the summoning room, and under direct supervision of a teacher or professor.

9. No large or dangerous animals are to be allowed anywhere but in the stables. Cats, dogs and other small familiars are, of course, allowed to be kept with their masters, and are their master’s responsibilities.

10. Relationships between students are permitted, however there will be no public displays of affection allowed within the hallways, classrooms or student rooms — or bathrooms. It goes without saying that sexual activity on the premises is highly frowned upon and may end up in expulsion. This also includes attending class or wandering around the property skyclad. Please keep in mind we have young, impressionable students here whose parents may take a dim view of their learning more adult behaviours outside of the family home.

Disciplinary Actions

1. Initial Warning will be given, once, unless it is deemed that the action is permanently dangerous to property, one’s self or others.

2. Detention can vary greatly in application. Often detention will include being assigned to write lines – especially in first case scenarios. In some cases, a student will be assigned extra duties to assist a professor or other faculty member. The Narrowhaven Academy of Arts retains the right to magically and/or physically detain dangerous persons or entities, or those who are in conflict with Academy Regulations or City Laws.

3. Expulsion: A student will be expelled from the Academy only under the most dire of circumstances, and only if they are deemed a danger to other students. This punishment is extremely rare.

All Academy rules are subject to update at any given time.


Baroness Delia Blacke
First Headmistress of Narrohaven Academy of Arts

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