Merrick sits at his desk going through the list he made to get mythndale in order. " Well if i am to be exiled from Narrowhaven I best get ready for anything" After making a few rounds of the mythndale lands he had jotten down a few things to get in order. One he needed to contact someone to help get rid of this pentagram that somehow appeared awhile back and seems to be some form of gate to the undead. merick also cleared a bunch of evil mages from some old ruins south of mythndale center and realized there are many usable stones in these ruins and once properly cleared can get these stones moved and aded to the wall building process. There are also a few ruins a bit farther south … more underworld type creatures o clear and more usable stone.
"These will be my priorities for the next couple months" merrick mummbles as he sits and contimplates the events in the last few days. He also decides to call on his friend Grim, a fine dwarven crafter, to come and provide services in Mythndaleuntill he can find another craftsman. Merrick also decides to post flyers about mythndale and surrounding lands calling on crafters looking to sell ore and stone and any other wears thay have. Time to get things stocked up he think to himself.
It will take a bit of tie he ponders but it is time to buld Mythndale. he also thinks on who he can send to Narrowhaven to speak with whoever is in charge there, for who knows fredrick could be possesed or maybe … he has been pressured by forge and his men….who knows, but busines is business and trade routes are needed.
Hopefully one day soon people will come to there senses and realize i did nothing wrong.. till then life goes on and things are going to improve here….and hopefully everywhere else too…

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