Mysterious Murder


Mysterious Murder

The guard had called and out of pure luck and a bit of curiosity, I was on the spot with some others. Somebody was missing and people were growing with concerns. Concerns that I didn’t share, of course, since it has nothing regarding myself. Surprisingly, the investigation lead to the alchemist where I’ve had taken some classes, back in the days. Did I feel a little for those poor people shaking with worries? Not very much so either… One thing, though, that had caught my attention, was the little bottle of the strongest of love potions, found on the body of the alchemist. Those dark recipes are extremely difficult to find and even more illegal. How could such a simple alchemist had access to those? Questions were pilling up in my head while the others put on efforts to successfully conduct the search-for-the-evil-murderer.

Following clues around town I started to laugh inside, once the story got clearer. We stumbled upon an altar decorated in some random lady’s effigy. We seemed to have found another obsessional psychopath in town. I couldn’t do anything but to have some thoughts for Samael. Ah… weren’t they all the same, somewhere? Wasn’t passion the most interesting flaw to exploit? Such a pity, that this one failed to catch his beloved. A sad love story, once again. Did they ever finished well, in the end?

After a few conversations here and there, we’ve finally figured out it was some kind of sick story between a group of half mad people. And old man not even able to lie properly and a young boy seeming to have a mind with the complexity of a rock. Both were arrested and honestly, if it were from me, I would have thrown both of them in a dark pit to rot. Why would we seek truth anywhere? What gain would we have outside our own personal satisfaction to have found out for others? A chance Delia was there to take the boy in her hands… because I couldn’t be patient enough to even -try- to talk with the two males.

After a while though, my mind had heard enough stories for a while so I went upstairs… where I got followed. I knew I would be, I always am. I am always the most careful when leaving a public place. I know there are some curious minds trailing here and there. I love to watch them look around for me, walk their ways all up the stairs, then enter my office… I love you.

A trial will be held regarding the issue. A trial where the clues will be presented and where I will most certainly not participate too much. My patience has its limits and I would dislike losing my mask in front of the others.

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