Moving forward

It has come to the attention of several lately that some changes have begun to take effect, and these changes should in no way cause anyone distress or worry as I assure in the end, they will only have a positive effect upon this shard and our player base. TheGuy and Talow have spoken with me at length about their goals for UO RP, and it is with great pride that I’ve accepted the position of Administrator as has been passed on to me by DoubleA.

Now, with this being said, in the coming weeks our player base will begin to see even more changes being implemented – starting with our ore system which Vii has already graciously updated for me. Thank you Vii! There is also an updated General Shard Rules section on our wiki. Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with these new rules, as they will be enforced at all times. They may be found here: … eral_Rules

From here, I plan to improve upon and complete our current Craft Questing system as well as the way in which rewards are given via these quests. Directly following this, players will see an updated taming system and roster of tameable creatures.

Dungeon Master has as well accepted the position of Lead Storyteller and will immediately begin updating shard wide lore and weekly run events to progress said lore. I look forward to see him work his magic and put my full trust in his abilities.

Together we will move forward and make this shard a successful, thriving UO community. I look forward serving my player base, and thank you.

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