More cleanup/fixes.

Missing Ingredients:
Green Tea for making green tea – Get a tea seed, plant it, 50% chance of getting a green tea plan, 50% chance of normal tea plant

Shrimp for sushi – Go fishing! Takes a high level of fishing but they are able to be gotten now.

Raw Bacon – use a skinning knife on a pig, sow, boare(sp?)

Raw Steak – use a skinning knife on anything that gives use to only give ribs (cows)

Chicken Leg – Eagles, gryphon mounts(sp?) and other birdy things should have give these too(skinning knife duu)

Bag of Rice changed name to bag of rice meal on the tool to lessen confusion.

Fruit Jam – no longer uses fruit basket but the fruit bowl now, which can be made.

"Uncooked pizza", This item actually was working in game before but we changed it so it works better now.
To get the uncooked pizza, get a wheel of cheese, a skinning knife (i think it’s the skinning one), DClick the knife, target cheese, get a wedge of cheese.
Get some dough, dclick the dough target the cheese, get uncooked pizza.

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