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Some say that I’m uncontrollable, that I’m the Devil of Temptation, a liar… All I see is a life that brought me to act the way I act. I have failed to find what I needed and am unable to ask for it anymore. Perhaps I have lost faith in ever finding it? They have more time to never understand it, anyway.

Since the beginning of my time, long before I act upon my own will, everyone has always tried to destroy me. Fear of the unknown or deep belief that one will stick to a true nature without ever making the effort to change? Really? Do we exterminate every potentially dangerous creature around? No, then why is it different? We are beings of higher intelligence, but sometimes some prove themselves to be quite unworthy of such.

– Capture her!
– Imprison her!
– Burn her!

All very good reasons for me to never walk in their direction… they are danger. They will -not- offer me a helping hand. They hope I would decide out of my own will, against my desire to survive, to surrender to an horrible death? I’ve seen the ways of those people… I’ve seen them torture and burn others like me. They are no better than the devils they so desperately hunt. They are simply manipulators and delusional humans that are blinded by their path.


Insanity is slowly pushing me into the arms of chaos, I thought it was obvious. I used to have a minimum of self control, and it’s already slipping away. A man dressed in black is following me around all the time, another being is leaving some stones on my path and talks to me, and the last one holds me frozen in place to whisper what people of light always told me before trying to kill me.

– What lies behind that mountain of lies I cover myself with? Myself, alone, in a vain attempt of protection.

Behind darkness, beneath candles, I have those dreams about him; the one who could save me. He would push it all away, preventing it to reach me. In the morning, he would cover my traits in protection. When the sun would be at its highest point, he would offer me his guidance. When the moon would have risen, he would hold me in his arms for something other than lust or threats.

– The shortest distance between two points is the line from me to you.

Haven’t I lost it already? Am I not completely mad, after all? Tonight, I shall walk to my fate, whatever will be waiting on the other side.

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