Message from Mythdale to all who it may concern

The door slammed open.

I could see the apparent surprise and a slight fright emerge on the face of the towncrier. I can easily imagine it is not common occasion to witness a heavily armored, battle scarred dwarf heading straight towards you. I slammed down the heavy, ostentively red stained battleaxe upon his counter and glanced upon his face.

I curled a wicked smile as the poor man slowly, cautiously stepped back as he noticed the extensive scarring upon the left side of my face; a gift from Samael, no less. He reluctantly stepped forward, obviously ill-at-ease, as I waved him forward.
“I have a message to be spread over these lands. All must know, hear or read these words”, I said, shoving a roll of parchment over the counter. The poor clerk barely managed a stammer. “Gold is not an issue” and placed a sack of gold on the wood. He opened the scroll and as he read it, he could not help feeling the exquisite quality of the parchment, and a flicker of greed upon the sight of the Gold Seal bearing a crossed pickaxe and axe.

“To all that will read or hear these words, Hail.
I Torin, son of Hurin, son of Gloin, known as the Gryphoneye, currently investured as High Constable and Baron of the Kingdom of Mythdale state the following, upon deliberation and on charge of his grace Merrick, King of Mythdale, first of that name.

Knowing that these lands slowly descend into Chaos and oblivion, we hereby stretch out a hand of friendship to all those willing to cooperate to turn the tide and bring peace and tranquility to these Isles. We weep at the sight of bandits running rampage amongst the innocent, of blood shed for no apparent reason, we mourn for the fields plowed with blood and bones. It is our desire to bring together all willing to aid, to work together in unison and defend our lands, all lands, from these ongoing marauders. Working together, uniting our efforts, we can only hope to help those unable to defend themselves and bring trade and wealth back into our realms.

Let it hence be known that Mythdale graciously extends a token of peace and genuine friendship and we sincerely hope that whomever that might read or hear these words, will endeavor to speak with us of this matter or any other, that might concern us. We would kindly consider any offer of Alliance or request for protection that anyone would choose to lay before us.

Signed: Torin Gryphoneye, High Constable and Baron of Mythdale
Sealed with a gold seal on a red silk tail, picturing a pickaxe and axe, balancing upon a scale. “

Upon reading it, the towncrier looked anew to this old, strange dwarf, a flicker of recognition in his eyes, his head slowly nodding. “I shall dispatch it with haste, mylo …eh Torin”, he said.

Curling a slight smile, and nodding curtly, my voice grated with fatigue: “Gratitude, I would greatly appreciate were it dispatched with utmost haste”. As I stepped outside and gently poured a mug of ale, I heard the first orders being shouted and soon thereafter horseman and ravens flew to their dedicated destination with a haste proportionate to the sack of gold upon the counter.

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