Memories, like many things, no matter how lost always seem to come flooding back. He hair was a vibrant crimson stained with blood as it was centuries ago. It was something she loved. She was dying her hair with blood before many humans started dyeing their furs. A soft smile fell upon her face as this body was becoming more and more her own a new phylactory a new body and even new powers. She strutted her self around with a confidence she had… misplaced over the past 10 years.

Niera would often creep around the cities of man and investigate her targets. She had seen a boy run around carrying a strange magical aura around him. This intrigued Neira it wasn’t the first time she’d seen this pattern but none the less she would poke around.

Before long she had compelled the boy to a dance and at the end, she snuck a kiss and suddenly she remembered something, something ancient and powerful something that overwhelmed her with such a strong sick joy. After this she simply poofed to go find more things that reminded her of this "special" time.

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