Mauzen’s Distress (Dec Entry)

I rushed home the moment I noticed the spell was even hinting at failing. The drain was not obvious at first. Emotional ties had pulled too greatly. I was at the mirror in an instant carefully examining my reflection. Blinking deliberately several times I flashed through my visions until I settled on the one most would look up me by. The spell had weakened to the point that my natural withered complexion was beginning to peer though the holes in the magical mask I was so careful to wear.

Taking a few moments I paced trying to center myself. So much had happened, so much was left to happen. Events had driven me to the point of losing composure not just in visage but in fortitude of inner strength. I no longer feel fit to serve in any capacity at the academy. Having destroyed the insignia in Jade’s office. My frustration has grown so great. Looking to me for answers I did not have and with no way to gain them, I am done with it all.

Letting out a sigh I moved back to the mirror. Looking upon myself, I looked to see what I wanted to see. With a bit more effort than I care to admit, even to myself, I remolded the mask I wore so much. The high cheeks and small lips curving in a soft smile filled and looked youthful once again. The nose smoothed, scars faded, and the color returned to it’s rich darkness as the mask reformed. My eyes gleamed dark ruby red as I scanned my face. My ears needed adjustment to level out and restore the tip I lost so long ago. It was all coming back together. I didn’t deviate much when it came to my hair. The long woven strands shined almost silver in the light as they hung over my shoulders, coming to a rest on my chest. My long mane of hair behind shimmered in waves as it crest the small of my back. My favorite purple doublet complimented my hair and brought out the rich Ruby color in my eyes. Each minor detailed manicured to perfection. The white shirt bleached as white as possible and the trousers had not even a speck of dirt.

Fastening the buckles and polishing my favorite cuff-links I turn and head back out to Narrowhaven. To see what other soul in need calls to me.

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