Marcus De’Alinue: The begining

Marcus stood by the window of his office, looking out the window toward the ocean. In moments like this he liked to remember his childhood, to remind him why. In his memories the young Marcus is playing barefoot in the streets of Vesper, shoes were expensive. He remembers being dirty, bathes were a luxury of the wealthy. His clothes were ill-fitting, new clothes were a luxury his father could not afford. His younger sister even getting his hand-me-downs. His father was a blacksmith in the local smithy. He remembers the pang he felt far to often, that pang of hunger when you haven’t eaten in days and you next meal will come after your father gets enough coins to buy more bread. No, he would never live like that again he thought. Looking himself over for the first time today he took in his clothes, richly crafted with elegant embroidery and boots with thick leather and soft padding. Looking over the skin on his hands, they were clean. He had risen so far in life and now he stood on the precipice of greatness. It was not easy getting there, he had adventured for several years and built up a very small nest egg of coins, which he invested in buying a local smithy. That was the birth of Dragonstone Imports and the first day of his new life.

Breaking his daydreaming, Marcus had work to do. He had to go check on his newest storefront in Narrowhaven. A quick walk found his boots making that tell-tale "Clicking" as they walked across the planks of the docks. A smile formed across his lips as he watched a ship unload goods, a ship with his families sigil a dragon clasping a rose on a field of purple. A sigil he created to build the illusion that he was more than he really was. He mouthed One day as he made his way through the crowd of workers going this way and that way, eventually finding his way to Dragonstone Imports.

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