Malakai’s Musings

The room was dark. It normally was at night, he supposed. Malakai looked about the room, head cocked peculiarly as is custom for him, the mannerism reminiscent of a bird. Moonlight filtered into the room, small motes floated through the silvery beams. The candle sat until, speaking to the frugality of Malakai’s patronage at the inn. He sat propped up in the bed, fingers trailing an imprint on his cheek, eyes far away in thought as he recalled.

He stood watching an exchange between a few people in the crafter hall. He’d never seen them before, so it was mildly interesting. One of them even offered him food. Malakai isn’t one to turn down food when offered. Especially free food. Hoping for perhaps more food, he followed them around a bit. One man seemed to be crafting a few things, while the others stood and watched.

The female was the most interesting. She had made the Drow man give him food. There was something pleasant about looking at her too. He wasn’t sure what that meant, having learned more about magic then interaction with the opposite sex, and filed it away for later inspection. He was brought out of his thoughts when the woman asked if there was something that the she could do to assist him.

“I seek power, so if that is something you could assist me with, then yes?” He stated, tilting his head.

Things happened somewhat quickly then. The woman stated she was magic. Interesting. She mentioned a missing student, which interested him more learning that she was a teacher. Learning from an embodiment of magic surely meant power. He inquired about her student, expressing interest, and then the Drow man transformed into some type of colossal creature. This also seemed very powerful.

The woman seemed annoyed, but gave care of a new student to the man in his eagerness to display power. Even so, the woman sauntered over to him, hips swaying with a purpose.

“So, what would you do with this power, once you’ve gained it?” she asked, smirking her lips, eyes intent on his.

“I’m not too sure yet. I was merely sent out with the requirement of gaining power. I can’t return unless I do,” he stated, eyes glassy and bloodshot, a small lazy half-smile growing on his lips.

His head swam, his vision spinning as his head suddenly jerked around.

“Wipe that stupid smile off your face. People without passion disgust me,” she fumed.

He had felt the impact, but the pain was numbed by the medicine. Really all that was left was confusion. This seemed to exasperate the woman even further, causing her to abandon him to his thoughts. At least she told him how to contact his new teacher before she left…

He looked over the morsel in his hand, hating it as always, but still a slave to it in the end. He shrugged his shoulders before popping it into his mouth. At least sleep would come quickly.

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