Makoce – A world rediscovered


The soil erupted with the sudden movement beneath. A hand emerged from the depths of the earth soon followed by the form that bore it. There was no denying the feminine aspects of the body despite being covered in dirt, bugs, and various other flora and fauna that had covered the area. The growth of the area and how settled it appeared provided indication that she had been contained within for a long time, centuries perhaps. Almost anorexic looking she was, not far off from a corpse that had been dead awhile though frozen in a state just before the skin started to fade away. The glow of red from her eyes was easily noticeable through the darkness that barely allowed one to see their hand held just inches from gaze. No one was around to witness such an event aside of woodland beasts that soon after might have wished they hadn’t. Within minutes, all living creatures within reach of her hunger were wrangled, bit, and tossed aside like a child’s doll. No blood would pool beneath as each husk of flesh was devoid of any to be spilled, shriveled up like a raisin. From then on she wandered..

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