Maj’ic How’lur

It was a cold day, in the middle of the fall. But it was a day of pride in the Dark’scar Clain.
As today was Name day. And today the Chief’s own son would be named.

The chief was a proud orc who was well known across the lands Blud’ruk Wulffang
On his name day in the Pla-nam or Games of Naming
He came first in all events. Even setting new records. Unarmed combat against ten armed orcs
Unhorsed race against orcs on horse, Mule, and Ostard.
He stood almost eight feet tall, a giant of an orc his he swung two giant war axes with tree limbs attached at his shoulders.
He would often fight with no armor, mostly because he could.
Although it was said that he enjoyed the sting of the cut.
It was said that he could make the very stones bleed, and Hence his name.
But today was his sons turn
And Blud’ruk was hopeful that his son. HH-Hfuth would be able to take his place someday as the Alpha
That morning he went to the hut of Mojo-Nam the orcish shaman who was given the task of naming all Hh-Hh grunts (100 grunts)

Blud’ruk “Mojo-Nam, ha lat peep meeb grunt?”
Blud’ruk: “Magic name – have you scene my son”

Mojo-Nam: “Nub meeb en ere nub peep nub grunt.”
Mojo-Nam: “No I’ve been here no seen no grunt”

Blud’ruk : “Hum, Lat mis elp wargod. Him nub be Mojo”
“you must help your chief, my son cannot become a mage. “

Mojo-nam” Grak, meeb do”
“yes, I know what to do”

This was not an uncommon as it was a great dishonor for a son to fail to uphold the traditions of their parents. More so for a chief’s son to change his cast. The elders once believed that should a chief’s son change his cast.
Then the chief’s rule had little time left.
But this this year blud’ruk was concerned as his son was a weakling at best.

That evening Mojo-nam lit the ceremonial torches as he had each year before.
But even Mojo knew. This year was going to be different. For if he could not change the outcome of the Naming ceremony this would be his last year at the task.

The night went on as it normally would.

There were 71 steps up to the platform on which stood the alter from there another 19 steps. To the throne of blud’ruk and each of the 19 steps were covered in the heads of challengers who came the years before.
This year the first to be named was a large orc, smaller then Blud’ruk but still strong. He was the front runner of the events.

Knowing Blud’ruks’s sons results he was cocky
Stepping up his eyes not leaving that of blud’ruk he took the Dragon’s tooth in his hand.
Cut his palm and dropped blood into the stone bowl that sat on the alter
Mojo lifted it to the sky before looking saying the words

“Meeb dub ask Lat Wargods ub deb sky Nam Dis grunt”
“I do ask the wargods of the sky to name this grunt”

Taking a handful of ash from the fire burning beside the bowl and placing it into the bowl
He lowered it and looked within looked within
The name came to him.

“Blud’fang Loc-tok”

Blud’fang took some of the ash and rubbed it on his forehead
Standing on the alter before the 19 stairs an orc has two choices. Kneel or challenge
This orc was brave and so he did not kneel instead he picked up the skull of one who challenged before him and held it out to blud’ruk

“Meeb Dub chalange Lat Wargod!”
“I do challenge you wargod”

Blud’ruk smirked. Looking to the skull

“Dat id Ug Lomtuk. Him wad gud orc. Him wait lut moon den Challenge. Lat sure?”
"that was Ug Lomtuk. he was a good orc who waited lots of moons then challenged are you sure?"

Blud’fang smiled and nodded his head drawing his axe but as he stepped his first step onto the stairs blud’ruks axe left his hand planting itself into the chest of the orc.

“Lat nub ready”
"your not ready"

The healers looked to blud’ruk as if asking permission to heal the young orc.
Blud’ruk drug his thumb under his chin calling for his head to be removed and placed on the stairs.
The other ninety seven orcs did not attempt the same move knowing they would stand no chance
Then came time for Ninety nine.

But when he was called he did not appear
So Mojo-nam called once again
Blud’ruk only shook his head gripping the hilt of his other axe.
Grunt one hundred was summoned and named
Mojo-nam called out once more..

Finally a small orc. With one eye as blue as the ocean and the other as red as blood stepped onto the stairway
Taking his place on the alter and looking to his father he picked up the fang and cut his hand. Or at least tried to.
He was not strong enough to even draw blood with a tool as sharp as the fang.
And once again his father shook his head

By this point his father was frustrated stepping down from the alter he grabbed the fang from his sons hand but something was…

Strange.. He could smell something on his boy. Something familiar
Mojo (magic)

“Lat id been Gam Wit Mojo!”
“You’ve been playing with magic”

In raged he swiped his sons face and pushed him down the stairs. The blood gushed from his wound and some landed within the bowl of names

Blud’ruk looked to Mojo-nam with much anger in his eyes

"Lat Nub Nam Im Wit Mojo! "
“You better not give him a magic name”

Holding the bowl up as he did before and saying the words dropping a handful of ash into the bowl Lightning struck hitting the bowl

He lowered it and looked within frowning through his fangs

“Him Nam……. “
“His name”

He looked at blud’ruk and shook his head apologetically

“Maj’ic How’lur”

As the final syllable left his mouth Blud’ruks axe cut through it cleaving the orc vertically in two
Maj’ic got to his feet running for his life knowing that the fate that waited him would be his certain doom
He reached a small cave outside of the fort where he had been practicing toying with some unknown roots he trough them into the fire
When suddenly a bright blue light emitted from the pit.
He could hear his father coming
What should he do
The only thing he could do
He stepped into the light
And all went black…
When he came to he found himself in a new land. New smells so many new things…
He knew at that moment

“Meeb NeeB be Deb Best mojo Mak’r meeb Ken Be”
“I need to be the best mage I can be”

"Nub! Dis Land Eber peep!"
"No This land has ever sceen"

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