Lurking in the depths. The Nyx


Lurking in the depths of the oceans there is an ancient race, named Nyx. Shapeshifters in young age and mythical creatures when old.


Physical Aspect

Humanoid Form

In their humanoid form most of the Nyxs posses a strange wild beauty, despite the big differences from humans. Their skin is entirely covered in serpent scales with intricate patterns, and always have a bluish or greenish tone, so they camouflage better with their aquatic environment, being very soft and cold on touch. They may or may not have gills, and to help in swimming their body is adorned with many razor fins and membranes as well with long webbed fingers, some have even a small tail. Their eyes are big having no iris and being all black or white, being very sensitive to light, which can be a problem if one decides to come to the surface.

When in humanoid form their forked tongue is always flicking in and out and their two sharp poisonous fangs are used as weapon. They are able to breathe underwater and in air. If they are on land, their hair will be always wet and they will carry always some water with them. If the hair gets dry, they are highly dehydrated and in risk of life.

As every snake, they will too change skin from time to time.

True form

The true form of a Nyx is a sea serpent or sea wyrm, for as they age the serpent inside will overlap all humanoid features and character and become their only form. They may or not have fins and have a huge range of possible colors.


Some say a Nyx is an immortal being, others say they only live a few centuries…

As a Nyx ages, they will eventually assume their only true form and become a sea serpent, or as some call, a sea wyrm. As it will grow older it will also grow larger, some the size of ships and some few, more resilient reaching enormous dimensions.

Only when they change and become a true serpent is that they can reproduce. The court is brutal and violent. Being a ovoviviparous species, their young are born alive in the water, as their humanoid form. Upon the first hours of giving birth the younglings have the protection of their mother, but as soon the maternal instincts vanishes, the mother will see them as prey. Only the most incautious will stand near the big serpents that lurk in the depths, and only the most intelligent and resilient will manage to survive the first years.

Intelligent beings since birth, the younglings tend to pack in groups and form clan in order to survive. After the firsts 20 years they will slowly get the perception of their true form and will able to shapeshift as they please. But as they age, the call of the serpent will grow in them and they will tend to spend more and more time as one, until there will be a time when the wild character of the serpent will overlap to their humanoid form, thus becoming a serpent until he end of their lives. The age of the change varies with each individual, some may take only a few years, others centuries.

It is impossible that a Nyx will stay with their humanoid form until the end of their lives, but some extremely rare expectations managed somehow to "tame the beast" by ending the shapeshifting in middle and so, fusing the humanoid form with the serpent, becoming then a Naga.

There are some that claim that land Nyx exists as well.


Nyx is a dark race, cunning and mostly evil due to their serpent form. They tend to center only in themselves and their own survival, which often involves helping in the survival of the clan. Their minds have little room for charity or kindness. A Nyx that renounce to their evil ways would be a unique individual indeed. Many are extremely curious and some rare individuals may even venture to land.


Many clans are formed by the many brothers and sisters that were born at the same time. Only rare lucky ones might be chosen by oldest Nyxs to join the ranks of powerful clans. This clans have strict rules within, being the main rule to never change to the serpent form, as it may cause a blood bath between the individuals. When the serpent call turns to be greater than the humanoid, the individual must flee from the clan or he/she will end slaughtered.

Hunting and protecting territory are other activities of the clan, where everyone must take part. The weak are not spared, being killed to serve as food supply. Only the oldest clans have villages, wherever its on caves or gigantic shells, as well advanced culture and rites, weapons and armors in order to make a stand against the elders sea wyrms. Most of the Nyxs have a very harsh live, whether it is because of the danger that the big serpents, and other pedators represent, or of wars between clans, which are frequent because of territory or prey.

The most powerful clans are the ones that hunt their own parents, the sea wyrms.

Interaction with other races

Nyxs are dangerous and avaricious, and most races are unaware of their existence. One might join forces with a being of another race in order to serve their own ends.


Note : Use Ninjitsu to change into serpent form.

Everyone can make changes to suit more their needs, if one wishes to play as a Nyx.

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