Lost and Unknown

The sound of thunder was still ringing through the air as Amarie lay on the sandy beach. Her head throbbing from an unknown source of pain. The images and memories she had now fading away slowly from her mind. All she can remember now from the beating of the see was a male voice screaming out her name. Amarie! Amarie! The yelling sounded so clear and so close she moves her head as if to shout her location, but in doing so the beating of her heart takes over the pain in her head and she falls to the sand with a gasp of pain she succumbed to darkness.

I awoke with a soft tickling sensation on my nose. I swatted at it only to have the sensation come again and again. I opened my eyes so as to see the annoyance, but was taken aback by the now blinding light filling my eyes. Screaming out in pain a closed my eyes shut and just flailed my arms wildly in hopes that what ever creature it was would leave me be. As the pain subsided I tried again being more aware that the light was not as gentle to my eyes as it once was.

It took some time for me to be come accustomed to the warm sunlight beating down upon my face. I was only to see shapes and shadows for a while. I searched about the ground on my hands and knees for anything, a bag, food, or just a simple reminder to me of how I got here. But alas the only thing to be found was the annoyance of a cat that followed me about. Simple Meows followed me as I trudged through the sand looking for any object. As the day wore on my sight and strength came back and the world was not so blurred.

When the sun was finally starting to set I seemed to have regained all of my sight back and my strength. I looked around but all I could seem to find were broken ship pieces and sand. I traveled along the shore for a ways with the cat as my companion. Not sure what to do next or who I really am. But it gave me great comfort in having such a tiny creatures seem to warm up to me. It began to consume my interests. What all did I not know about it. Why was this cat following me. That is when I tried to tame the cat and learn all that I could. Every creature was a new adventure and new story.

It only took about a day before we reached Narrowhaven. A very beautiful city with kind people and many many creature running wild. I felt at piece as I entered the gates of the city. The inn keeper was kind and gave me a place to stay with a bit of bread and water. Exhausted from my travels I took great pleasure in lying down in bed that night. The cool sheets brushing against my battered body gave me hope that I might be able to remember something.

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