Lost and Found.. Heritage [In Progress!]

You would see a darkly robed figure walking towards the bulletin boards settled just outside of the Narrowhaven Inn; judging by the spear the man wielded it was no other than Fenrir. His outfit had changed drastically.. more form fitting, sleek.. not at all bulky like his prior attire. Though the thing that would break your gaze from his new fashion choice would be the note he posted to the wall.

He would hesitate for a few moments, as if wondering if he should actually post such a request- before giving an affirmative nod and walking away.

Your curiosity would get the better as you- as rumor had it Fenrir was a very generous man when it came to rewarding those who help him.. you’d take a glance at the note;

"Dear Narrowhaven Citizens,

Thank you for all your hard work attempting to find the key that I had lost– needless to say it has been recovered, in a very short time at that! However as with all keys their purpose is to unlock.. so I shall let you in on the quest that has led me from my elven home to this wonderful land.

You see, my family has entrusted me to finding the purpose of this key. What it opens I do not know- it could be a box, it could be a grimoire.. whatever the case we are looking for a strange item that has similar markings to that of the key in my possession.

The markings are as follows;


I am no expert in runes, but scholarly types would benefit well from gleaning their meaning.

Please report all progress to myself- you will find me at my home more often than naught. Information that does help with the search will be summarily rewarded at the time the information is given!

Best of luck to all of you, and stay safe in your quest!"




For those of you who have spoken to Fenrir about the key, you know that it was a gift from his mother- he does not know what it does exactly or where it goes to. Recently after a trip to Hythloth is has acquired runic markings and began to faintly glow.

Scholars may recognize that the runic symbols match similar markings to those from ‘northland tribes’. If you do some ‘research’ I am certain you can find a meaning to it. There IS a specific meaning to it!

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