Life and unlife, the beginning (June contest)

It was a ordinary winter day. The sun rise was cold and bleak as every morning since a long time… She was not counting the years anymore… While she was hunting a sick dear, she fall into a cave that was not there before. Probably a hole or some sort of crevasse made by successive rainfalls. The light was barely entering the place, leaving a shroud of mystery of the surrounding. She waited a moment for her eye sight to adjust to the level of light and begin to explore the area.

A lot of rubles, some carvings, some writings on the walls… Nothing that had a real signification anyway.

After some superficial exploration, she leave the place and continue the hunt, she was hungry, after all.

A few, days, or week.. Who know, she was badly injured by a unfortunate meeting with a mountain lion. She was crawling in the cold snow, not knowing were to go. She had escape the lion’s attention, that was at least a consolation. The sun was going to his dawn. Soon the night would fall and the cold, biting even more. Luck or not, she fall into the same hole she found some time before. At least, the wind wont reach this place, as a consolation. As she crawl deeper into the dark place, she found some dry wood and rags. At least she might not die tonight.

Now warmed and somewhat conformable with her meager fire camp, she begins to explore the surrounding with more curiosity, as she had nothing else to do. There was a box like structure in the middle of the room, worn and cracked. She look more closely and decipher the following:

"This is the final resting place of Lord Leoben Jalas, may he sleep forever"

Intrigued, she pushed the cover of what now seem to be a stone coffin. She was shocked to find a pale man, lying down in what seem a state of peaceful sleeping. It might have been hours, she was unable to stop looking at the man. He was pale as the moonlight his silvery hair soft around is delicate face. He was slender and graceful, his finger long with pointy claws. His vestment was worn and dusty, with holes of mites feasts, but they were of intricate fabric and finery.

When the man suddenly opened his eyes, taking a deep gasp and raising up furiously, she paralyzed in fear and couldn’t stop him from jumping at her neck, fresh with her blood from her previous wounds. After all, she might die tonight.

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