LEVIATHAN- she devil of the seas! A RP STORY

Garret had been fishing for some time now, his lips were already beginning to chap and split from the harsh salty seas and the fierce blowing wind. His min wandering as usual havin been so inclined to leave his back pack a complete mess. Lackadaisically he went about cutting his fishes he had caught with a magical dagger he had found lodged in the jawbone of a deep sea had been disturbed on the bottom of the ocean floor from the recent fishing and trade lanes that had reopened due to the recent migration of newcomers to the realms. As he was cuttin up the fish Into steaks he was again distracted by a letter he ha recieved but not opened yet. Whilst reading the letter Garrett did the unthinkable. Garret accidentally tossed his fabled fishing net overboard and into the sea.

The waters lay silent and calm. Garret knowing the chance he had disturbed a grove of horrifying sea monsters to be greater then ever before. Laying down In his boat he felt the hull o his ship begin to make a sound. Echoing for what seemed like ages , a scratching sound . But sturdy. The ship began to rock and toss. Something had grabbed the boat. Upon standing up he saw an ungodly sight. What looked as thought it were around fifty feet taller then te line if the water . Stood a giant kraken much larger then te last ones sighted. This created appeared to have upset the ocean floor very much so ; for along with the mighty Leviathan came a contingency o lesser known baddies water elementals, krakens of smaller dimensions, sea serpents and deeper lesser known versions of themselves.

Te quick thinkin Garret knew he was in way over his head. He quickly began to play his bamboo flute and lute to try and calm the savage beasts.

One by one he calmed them . Slowly putting them Into a relaxed lulled state.
Whilst giving commands to his tiller man the ship was sailing flawlessly through the crowds of monsters.

The monsters proved too much for Garret and he was forced to retreat back to the main land. Killing several kraken and serpents even a few water elementals.

As he approached the port he made haste to abandon the ship at the docks. For te dreaded leviathan was hot on his trail. Jumping across what seemed like 10 to 12 foot gaps as it carrined over the docks , climbing up the bulkhead and onto the shore.

Noone was safe!!! Had Garret accidently brought ruin to his new home? He was dismayed he couldn’t felt the beast himself.

The quick thinking Garret called his pals at the list tower and asked for help with the mighty devil. A few moments of running for your life will set you into perspective.

With his last remaining mana Garret manged to open a mystical gateway to another Location .

Through the gateway two figure can be seen running towards him. He immediately realizes this is his reinforcements.

Appearing in a flash a Deamon of significant stature comes through. Followed by Arkanum the Legendary Mage and Vitzik a ranger from the north. For a better bowman I could ask for none.

At a moments notice the magical fury was unleashed waves of vortex horrors appeared , daemons, and summoned undead bound to our realm by Garret’s learnings in defense I te dark arts. A long forgotten art . It is also rumored to be taught at te Newley opening arcan university.

After a long and arduous battle the creature lay still. Giving very little in the way of bounty one item notable of rememberence is the elusive" rope " that was seized from the corpse of the slain mega kraken. I want to thank Arkanum and Vitzik for their help in taking down the devil of the sea with me . Althought the bounty wasn’t what we were expecting. The fond memories we have made together .I will forever cherish. Thank You! I have written this with my phone. I hope to come back soon with a more detailed account if the encounter with the devil of the sea! Your local fisherman and pal, Garret Greencorn… Captain Greencorn hehe

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