Letter to Captain Wallace Estwein of Cove


Captain Wallace Estwein, Lord of Cove,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to you concerning a Great Red Wyrm, Lady Terraline, that came to Stone Keep. She was deeply concerned with the hunting of dragons in the mountains north of Cove. While it is ethical practice to destroy any dragon threatening the lives of the people of Cove, it may behoove us greatly to persuade the general populace to not hunt the dragons just for game sake. So far there is a red dragon and a white dragon that has come to us in peace, the white I have only been reported to about, and have not met. Both are intelligent creatures who only care for what is best for their kin. The Red has warned us, sternly, that she will not tolerate such killings. I believe it is in the best interest of all parties if we stop the practice of game hunting for dragons, for several reasons. One, they are sentient, intelligent creatures who hold to their family and people. Two, we already have forces across Britain stretched out to stop the daemon and orc raids, as well as the undead and bandit parties. Three, the Red Dragon has assured me that her interest is the destruction of the daemons, and having an ally such as this is very important at this time. I will await your reply, and am looking forward to any wisdom you can share in this.

Krist Lionheart
Captain of Stone Keep

(OOC: This rp is in no way meant to stifle anyone hunting dragons for ooc reasons, as we all hunt at times more in an ooc fashion for stuff, it is solely meant for rp)

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