Lancelynn & Thronna’s Wedding

Sept. 25, 2015

Getting some brotherly advice before the wedding…

Engale Strace:
I will tell you the same thing I told him.
While you strive to make him happy in your relationship..
Do not lose yourself to his happiness.

Thronna Strace: I will not, but seeing him happy makes me happy as does seeing
you with sissy.


Malacostus: Welcome friends!
We have gathered here to witness the joining of Lancelynn to Thronna, in this blessed union of
The word is the Beginning – The Substance of Things Hoped For, The Evidence of Things Not Seen,
A union between the two, situated as it is on the beach of the world – storms and buffets touch.

They were wedded, the essential unity forever honoring the link of life.
The backward movement of the internal world comes nearest to the mysteries falling among the yea,
the equinox that begins to change the world.

The sum total is the length of one when the night is dissolved…
grasping the power from an ancient world speaking of forces that discovered or invented the human
nature not clearly understood.

The influence of the time governs the universe, love becomes the paradise of the world – the
ancient reason equal to one ordinary Spring – remembered by people who have lent their names to
the world, one from the other.

Lancelynn Vendala: Sound, touch, sight, taste and smell, the component parts of this visible world, Are but properties
composed of the Darkness and Joy that is inseparable from the fire that creates two from the spaces
intervening between the middle of desire..

Thronna Strace: The heart reflects forever, resting on a fragment of separate and whole, flesh and blood on the stage
of life.

Malacostus: This, the connecting link, is the only way – entirely conspicuous and always visible…. as so many
Lights, like stars percieved as so many Angels.

Joy is the seat of nourishment – attraction nearer and nearer, bodies adorned with each other – the
other door of the interior where the voice and the body, like names of different rivers, become
absorbed in the stream of the sound of the world.

The impossible necessities of the human heart, they are thus contented.

Lancelynn Vendala: Courage is the gift of love, to keep in our hearts on, in a gallery of faces.

Thronna Strace: A sentinel of the nourishment we find, closely, side by side.

Malacostus: Please both take each other by the hand.

Lancelynn Vendala: *holds her hand*

Thronna Strace: *takes Lance’s hand*

Malacostus: The hand you offer each other is an extention of thyself in thy Mutual Love.

Cherish that touch now and forever.

Lancelynn, will you place the ring on Thronna’s hand and repeat after me these words:

Lancelynn Vendala: *puts the ring on her finger*

Malacostus: With this ring, I thee wed.

Lancelynn Vendala: With this ring, I thee wed.

Malacostus: Thronna will you place the ring on Lancelynn’s hand and repeat these words:
With this ring, I thee wed.

Thronna Strace: *puts the ring on Lance’s finger*
With this ring, I thee wed.

Malacostus: *clears throat*
Now by the powers committed me, and by the laws of Britannia…
*takes a big breath*
I now pronounce that Lancelynn and Thronna are husband and wife.

Go now, and revel in the power of being a couple.

Trust and rely upon each other, and let nothing part thee.

Lancelynn you may now kiss your bride!

Lancelynn Vendala: *takes her in his arms and kisses her*

Thronna Strace: *puts her arms around him and kisses*

Lancelynn Vendala: *whispers to Thronna*

Thronna Strace: *smiles and nods*

Malacostus: *looks around*

Lancelynn Vendala:
*turns to face the crowd*

Thronna Strace: *giggles softly and whispers*

Engale Strace: *smiles happily*

Lancelynn Vendala: *nods*

Lancelynn Vendala: We would like to thank everyone for coming.
The reception is being held in the structure to the south west.

Thronna Strace: *smiles softly*

Lanclynn Vendala: There is food and refreshment there

Kairi Vel: *nods*

Engale Strace: The way we chose to live or lives

Kairi Vel: Engale’s getting poetic.

Engale Strace: is the way we chose to die in the end. Never to be alone
on the journey is what we strive for.


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