Know Thy Enemy (A Jerrin Bloodlett Story)

(This story occurred long before the demons over ran Trinsic)

Jerrin ran across the roof tops of Trinsic, jumping from one to the other. The fact was, he did not kill the young noble lady, some other vampire must have. That hardly mattered to the guards that now knew exactly what he was. The investigator tracked him down, and tested him, proving him a vampire.
The test was a farce, and Jerrin was not really sure the man knew he was vampire, he was just going to get his man and thus some notoriety whether Jerrin was guilty or not.
Jerrin did not run because he was scared, the fact was he probably could have killed his way out of the guard house. He ran because he wished not kill them. No, not because of some moral code, for there was no moral code to killing cattle, but because murder draws more eyes, more eyes draws more trouble, and more trouble was not what he wished.

Lucious watched as the man fled, and was starting to believe he may actually be a vampire. It really did not matter, he made his reputation out of finding them, and whether they were one or not meant little. The man was pale, never seen in the day light, and blood was found on some of his clothes. It was not definitive proof, but the vampire hunter hardly cared. He would be paid well enough all the same.

Jerrin fell into the alley, the crossbow bolt having caught his leg and throwing him off balance. A fool guard had followed him in, his pike ready to dispatch the monster. Jerrin would have none of that, and with moves faster than the guard could match, his katana slid from the sheath in one smooth motion, opening the human’s throat.
The blood called to him.
Jerrin looked about, then closed his eyes to increase his senses. More were coming now, he had to leave the alley.
The blood was calling him.
Jerrin looked down at the guard who was all but dead now, holding his throat in some pointless attempt to stem the flow of blood. Jerrin wiped his lips, he had not eaten in some time.
The blood was calling to him.

Lucious followed the guards into the alley where the vampire fell, their torches making shadows dance about. He was surprised when he found the man bent over the dying guard, draining him of his last bit of blood. Then the creature looked to them, blood smearing it’s face, it’s fangs now showing, it’s eyes red as if even they were full of blood. All of them were taken aback by the sight of it. Lucious literally, taking a step back. His long black cloak almost caused him to trip backwards. Four guards stood between him and the man he accused of being vampire. A part of him wanted to laugh, because he was apparently right this time. Another part of him knew the guards would not stop the creature, who was looking past them and at him. With a motion and some strange words, words that made Lucious feel ill inside, the vampire caused the dead bones of the guard to remove itself from the flesh and stand. Still dripping blood, skeleton picked up a pike, and rushed the guards.

The skeleton guard was fighting as well as it did in the flesh, but this time it felt no pain as the guards hacked at it. It dispatched one almost immediately, it’s victim screaming as his guts hit the ground. When the screaming stopped, Jerrin said the words again, and his skeleton rose from the flesh as well, taking up the fight against the other two guards.
Jerrin was no longer concerned with this fight. It would not end well for the living. Instead he cast his gaze on the fleeing Lucious.
"You will not escape me," he said low. Lucious happened to look back to him, almost as if he heard the words. Mayhaps he felt it. He fell, tripping over is own cloak.
Jerrin entered the shadows, and appeared back over the "vampire hunter".
"No, no, please dont kill me," he called, as Jerrin reached down for him.

Jerrin looked at the charred remains of the once vampire hunter. He was left crucified to an ankh, letting the sun prove his guilt as a vampire. Trinsic apparently had no tolerance for such, considering what had occurred, even if he was once a vampire hunter. It had been only a few weeks since Jerrin turned him. Jerrin’s only regret was that he could not be there during the day to hear the man’s screams as the sun came up.

Lucious finally got his vampire.

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